Now, I’m al El Camino lover. Any and everytime I see one, I just gotta look at it. I mean, it’s the best of both worlds. A fuckin car and a fuckin truck. Amazing, or what? Perfectly family car, if you ask me.
I’ve never been a fan of the Ford Ranchero. The lines aren’t as clean or smooth as they are with an El Camino. But, when you see any car in this condition, you just have to stop and take a look at it. Regardless of the make.

This was a little too matchy matchy for me. I can dig some of the interior having red details, but this thing was a little too “blooded out” for my taste. But, everything else, a keeper.
I spotted one of these a few months back, with a camper cover over the bed. And I must say, I like it better that way. And I’m sure the owner put that car to use, for it’s full potential.
The red on this was just like the lipstick the ladies use. You know which one I’m talkin’ about! You know you cats look at that lady, with the red lips. Hey, it’s only natural! Just like when you walk through a parking lot and see that certain cars paintjob glistening in the sunlight… That’s how you know, it’ll be a good day…

Even better when you can say that the car was your own…


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