Recap: 2/10/2011 At The Social House

It’s been a while since I had a drink on a day, other than Thursday. And let me tell ya, beer has never tasted so good! Well, except for some Pliney on a hot day.

Anyways, I saw that this band from Germany was coming out to play, and figured… I hardly get to see bands fromm outside of California play, so why not go, right? But when I saw that White Trash Wrecord Party was going, as well as Rea from Cock Grease, I figured, why the fuck not. Rolled out with my lady, and tried to find this spot.

As soon as we rolled up, got greeted by Abel from White Trash Wreckord Party, who was also celebrating his birthday and saw a good amount of folks in attendance. Not too shabby, for a Thursday. If only I had the luxury to get drunk on a Thursday… Hell, get drunk, period…

One particular character in attendance, was rockin’ out the whole time. She was fully equipped with some chocolate brownie cookies with M&Ms… At first I was thinkin’, “maybe these are laced with something, that’s why she has so much energy!” Well, she assured me that they weren’t, so I had two! And let me tell ya… If there were milk around, I’d be sittin’ at the bar eating milk and cookies for the rest of the night. Fuck the random beer the bartender gave me!

Forgot my camera, so I had to work with bar light. I know I keep saying this, and I know I keep saying this, but I seriously need to bring my camera around…

We caught The Pendletons at about 3/4ths way through their set. But these guys put on a great show. Great music with great energy.

Met the other DJ of WTWP, Mike, whom had thought I was black… Well… Ok… Funny thing is, it’s not the first time I’ve gotten that… WHEN I HAD DREADLOCKS! No worries, it gets funnier as the night progresses.

Up next, it was time for The Booze Bombs to hit the stage. And let me tell ya, did they hit!

Rea stated in an email that they are so much better live, than any youtube video has shown em to be. Indeed they were. Her voice is amazing live. And I also enjoyed the fact that she didn’t stay boxed up on stage as she sang. She got off and walked around singin’ to people. Hey, not too many folks do that anymore!

Abel pointed out to me this Japanese cat (HEY ANOTHER AzN!) I’ve seen him before at The Hemlock. But haven’t seen him at other rockabilly events. He tells me, that he is the same cat from the Japanese Yoyogi Park crew. WHAT??? I thought those cats stayed in that park??? Fuckin mind blowing.

What was more mind blowing, was when he was just standing up against a pillar. When suddenly, he broke out into dance. He didn’t even stand up off the pillar, he just went to town! And I must say, that dance they do is a lot more entertaining in person, when a single person is doing it!

There you have it folks… They’re invading the US!!! But seriously… I can’t imagine how they can do the things they do, in leather pants… Leather. Pants.


Finally got to meet Rea. Awkwardly enough, I had asked her to bring me a couple of tins of Sweet Georgia Brown. I meaaaan… If you’re gonna be at the same spot I am, and I can’t frequently access your shop…….. Ya know… A weird and random favor. But true to her word, she brought it!

Now my collection is complete.

Remember how I said Mike thought I was black? Well… Rea thought I was a woman… So these folks were looking around for a black lady. Sorry I didn’t meet your expectations? So apparently, I was a black woman for last night. Fine with me, I guess. Just as long as the hoods on the corner don’t ask me to shake it.

Unfortunately, my lady had to work early the next day, so… Couldn’t stay late. I sound like a 15 year old kid with a curfew… Next time… When I roll out alone, shhhhh…

A good night, with good music, with good folks. Can’t get any better. And it was only Thursday!

Big thanks to Mike and Abel from White Trash Wreckord Party for the hospitality. And to Rea for keeping her word and being one hell of a gal.

Well, that’s it for now folks. Until the next time…

Pomp Hard.


4 responses to “Recap: 2/10/2011 At The Social House

  1. Rea!!! I love that gal. Haven’t seen her in AGES so I’m jealous as all heck that you got to. I plan on giving her a big-ass hug at VLV, though!

  2. Rea’s not real big on the whole computer-communication thing. She’s more of a face-to-face person… if you can catch her standing still for 5 minutes! She’ll get back to you, eventually. You might be better off calling her at the shop if you just need a quick bit of info.

    • Yeah, I figured…

      No worries though, it’s not like there was anything dire in the email anyways. It can wait till I run into her again or make a trip out to her shop.

      And hopefully that last exclamation point didn’t seem like I was too serious. Probably could’ve used a sad face instead, haha.

      I’ll definitely be hovering her booth at VLV, as she has something new to show!

      – Jan

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