Refinding Faith In Murray’s.

Murray’s, is just the staple pomade, in any ones house hold. It’s just a fact. Whether you still use it or you don’t, you can bet everyone with a pompadour has a Murray’s tin laying around.

Like some, I’ve moved away from Murray’s. Considerably. I haven’t used Murray’s Superior for a few months. Other pomades have been able to take it’s place. But, it’s just so hard to get rid of a classic. So, I decided to use some today.

I figured, I have a brand new tin of Superior, just tried out Super Light, why the hell not? Let’s make a quick and simple cocktail!

I thought I would try and mixing the two together. Didn’t work out all that well. Superior is too thick and Super Light is a little too light, to break down and mix evenly with the Superior. It wasn’t too bad, but didn’t mix in well in my palms. Maybe if I had mixed it up in a little dish or something, would’ve worked out a bit better.

The part that everyone dreads when it comes to Murray’s pomade, is combing it. With Murray’s Superior lightly broken down, thanks to Super Light, it was a lot easier to comb the pomade through. You won’t see me straining!

The ratio of Superior to Super Light, was about 80% Superior and 20% Super Light. Super Light, if you hadn’t noticed from my review, is VERY light. Though it did break down Superior considerably, I was still able to retain the hold. And hey, that’s what everyone loves about it, right?

Being able to retain a the hold of a heavy pomade, while keeping it malleable as a medium weight pomade, is what we all need. I was able to pomp relatively high today, and keep it that way. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

The verdict:

If you cats wanna renew your vows to Murray’s Superior, definitely look into adding some Murray’s Super Light into it. It’ll put Murray’s Superior in a whole new light. And maybe get some people back to using it, as well. Oh yeah, IT DOESN’T MAKE YOUR HAIR FALL OUT!

Until the next time folks…

Pomp Hard.

17 responses to “Refinding Faith In Murray’s.

  1. Murrays pomade is a staple in the bag of any editorial stylist. I’ve used it on long hair (sparingly) an it works out beautifully. I used it on myself for years. A buddy had a trick that I never tried. He would use a lighter under the bottom of the can to melt it a little, then it was easier to put in his hair an would firm up when it cooled. I never tried it but in theory it should work.

    • That would work. Only thing to worry about is that it is a tin and will heat up. Could burn your fingers a bit, if it heats up for too long… But then again, even if you did the hot water trick, it could have the same results, with the tin conducting the heat from the hot water.

    • Hey ronny,where at in jacksonville do you style?

  2. Caterpillarnut

    I use a hair dryer on low. Let it warm up for 10-15 seconds and you will be much happier. Pompin’ with cold murray’s on a 50 degree morning is no problem if I have a hair dryer. It also works good to help soften the pomade up in your hands before you put it in your hair.

  3. I did pretty good once combing some mineral oil through first, then combing the Murray’s through second.

    • Good little tip. Thanks Jack.

      The mineral oil will coat your hair, so as you comb the Murray’s through, it’ll comb on top of the mineral oil, rather than your hair directly. As it combs into the mineral oil, it will slightly soften up the Murray’s, making it more malleable. Plus, a little easier to wash out (but not by much. I mean, it still is fuckin Murray’s!)

      Thanks again Jack.

      – Jan

  4. hello to everybody an afcourse The Rebel Rouser

    1st of all you’re pomp looks great !!!!
    nice site,… you reviuws are very cool men!!! they help me alot with producs to choose especialy murray products
    i’m from holland pomade businis isn’t that much of a deal i think overhere

    i also mixed light & suprior together and it works for me .

    i was thinking to meld a can of light en supirior and than mix them 2gether ….
    i wanted to asked you is this possible and will it maybe hurt the products in murry cans ( maybe it sound stupid) but what doe you think

    and another questing is what kind of shampoo would you advizse to me to wash out the murrays

    last questing does murrays make you hair fall out,…… i mean i like this product but lillte scared to go bald from it

    greetz from holland
    sorry 4 my writings i did my best

    thanx ahead serdintje

    • Hey man,

      Thanks for checking out the blog! Glad it’s helped you out!

      As far as mixing the Murray’s goes, I’ve mixed some Murray’s Superior with some Sweet Georgia Brown (blue tin) and kept the mixture in a separate container. The finished product kept the consistency just like I just mixed it up, which is good. So it is safe to mix different pomades and store em that way!

      But I will suggest putting them into a separate container, so you will still have a decent amount of Murray’s Superior left & Murray’s Super Light left. Just in case you want to use the individual products, later down the road.

      For washing out Murray’s… It is one of the hardest pomades to wash out, hands down. People have been throwing around different remedies they use themselves, but I will still and always suggest… Olive oil… It will break down the Murray’s pomade, making it easier to wash out. BUT, I still think it’s best to actually use a comb, to comb the pomade out. The reason why, is because if you’re washing out pomade, you’re trying to thoroughly wash it out, right? So when you’re combing out the pomade and you see no more pomade in your comb… Well, I’m sure it’s safe to say you washed out a decent amount of pomade! If it ain’t showing up in your comb, you’re pretty much good to go!

      And lastly… I will say no… Others say yes… But honestly, there’s no way that Murray’s will make your hair fall out. If it has for people in the past, it’s user error. There’s no ingredient in Murray’s Superior that will make your hair fall out after X amount of uses. If it clogs the hair follicle, it’s because you left the pomade in for too long, without rinsing out some of the pomade. It will go for any pomades. Hell, it goes for hats too! Why do you think they invented the vent holes in hats nowadays, or even visors?

      Glad you like the blog, hope to catch more of your comments around later down the road. Hoped my little (LONG) reply helps you out.

      – Jan

  5. thankxxxxxx!!!!!
    for all the everything Jan

    grzz serdintje

  6. Hey first I’d like to say that I love your blog man!
    And to add to what RonnyKing was saying, Murray’s is in a tin can because the old method of warming it up was from placing it over a stove top. So a lighter is not that bad of an idea, just get a rag or something to help block the heat from your hands/counter top.

    • Thanks!

      Before, you were able to either put the pomade tins in the oven or leave it over the stove top. But then you gotta put into account, that back then the tins were a made a little better than they are now. So they were able to withstand high heat, better than the ones now. The current tins, I wouldn’t advise putting them over the stove top or putting them in an oven. But for the folks who think so, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!

      A lighter ain’t a bad idea. But as you said, as long as you use a rag to hold it ;).

      – Jan

  7. I don’t use any blowdryer or lighter to get the Murray’s out of the tin. I simply put my index finger on the pomade in the tin and the rub it back and forth quickly on the surface and the friction makes the pomade melt within seconds and then I scoop it up, rub it between my hands and presto! Am I the only one to apply this method?

    • I usually scoop the pomade out by gliding my finger along the top layer, going around the tin. It just gradually gets the pomade out, while slightly “heating” it (due to friction,) making it easier to not only apply, but style, since the product is slightly softened.

      – Jan

  8. Today I lost my “real pomade” virginity to Murray’s Superior. My hair isn’t long enough to pomp yet but I have just been doing a little comb over with a little baby “pomp”. Just thought I would tell you that you have a very entertaining, and informative blog that I will certainly continue to follow.

    • Hey Adam,

      I’m glad you dig the blog man. Murray’s was my first pomade, too. If it ends up not being something you dig, check out Dax Wave & Groom. It’s usually found next to Murray’s in most stores. If Murray’s doesn’t “provide” you with what you’re looking for, Dax definitely will make up for it.

      – Jan

  9. Hey Jan, I’m fairly new at the Pomade and Pompadour ventures. I’ve used several of the pomades you’ve reviewed, and I do appreciate your honest reviews and tips, no one could say it better. But anyways the point of my comment is Murrays seems to work best for me, in the sense of hold. Now the picture above is how I’d love to get my Pomp looking. But I have trouble combing it that way since my hair seems to hold straight up, also it feels Anne looks too hollow for a pomp, as oppose to the full round look you got going. Any tips? Any help would do me great! Weather here is about 102-104 degrees every other day, so also there is high humidity. My hair looks light, but is heavy and curly. Thanks in advance!!!


    • Hey Josie,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      If you liked Murray’s, you should love Dax Wave & Groom. The thing with Murray’s, is that it’s stiff when styling. Whereas Dax is much more malleable, so your hair won’t stick straight up when styling. If you’ve already tried Wave & Groom and it didn’t work out for you, look into Dax High & Tight (Awesome Hold.) It’s a kick lighter than Wave & Groom, but still has a really strong hold and is really malleable. It’s definitely my new favorite from Dax! It held up well for me in the Vegas heat.

      Try em out and let me know what you think!

      – Jan

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