Top 5 Searches In 2011

It’s only been a bit over a month and I’ve gotten some funny searches for this blog. Let’s see what we got… In no particular order…

– various saved by the bell searches.
I think that referencing my hair to a certain SBTB character, was a bad choice… Well… Maybe not… But for the most part… It’s kinda funny.

– “top of the fucks”
I have no idea what this is supposed to even mean…

– “gang rockabilly facials”
If you take out rockabilly in that search, you’ll get a whole lot of different search results… It would be worse if The Rebel Rouser was included in that search.

– “pinup lamb”
Not sure what this is all about. But if someone has a weird thing for pinning up little animals to walls… Well, let’s just say I hope they don’t request anything from me…

– “how not to look rockabilly”
Say whaaat… That’s easy. Look stupid.

Well, that’s all for now folks. It’s been barely over a month and I’ve already got some crazy search results. And I promise you, there will be some wild ones for the rest of 2011. I’ve got some minor yet, reoccurring searches, such as fuckin movies and the chop tops suck, but not really top 5 worthy. And whoever said “the chop tops suck,” YOU SUCK!


4 responses to “Top 5 Searches In 2011

  1. HA! Dude I’ve just spent the last hour reading over your blog, i freakin’ love it! Seriously. Anyway, I’m totally checking back often. Thanks for all the great reviews. I’ve just tried a new WB pomade myself, Suavecito. If you’re interested I can share my experience but I just want to say, Rock on!

    BTW, the , ‘thats easy, look stupid,’ comment made crack up!

    • Hey Mike,

      Glad you the blog! Glad to know you enjoy both the reviews and other shit on here!

      Unlike most internet personalities, mine doesn’t stray far from my real time personality… Could be a bad thing… Maybe a good thing, I don’t know. I’m just glad there’s people in both sides that enjoy my company!

      How do you like Suavacito? It looks like it gets the job done, from what I’ve seen.

      – Jan

  2. It’s alright. Scoops like a gel. Smells like coca cola with some glycerin. Spreads out really smooth and works through the hair really nice too. Altogether I like it but it doesn’t stay greasy. Dries up more like a gel does y’know. Kinda lame on the sheen scale and if you brush it… it brushes out. On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a solid 7. My hair is finer though, and I mostly do a gentleman’s part and then occasionally I’ll get a good pomp going. My wife really likes it though. She’ll use a small amount to help with vintage hair styles. Anyway it sounds a lot like how you described Layrite, except only 10 for 4 oz.

    • For the most part, it sounds like it’s really coming along nicely!

      I’m assuming it’s water soluble?

      The hardest part about not getting any sheen from water soluble types of pomade is because more or less, the sheen comes from the petrolatum.

      Of course, in certain light, the hair will give off a “sheen,” but realistically the slightly hardened finishnis reflecting light. Not a bad thing, but just the way it is.

      Keep me updated with the process. It’s looking as if Layrite is getting some real hard hitting competition, coming from the other end of the globe!

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