I finally did it folks…

I finally caved and made a little how-to pompadour video for the youtubers…


I’m getting over being sick, as is my little girl, so if the bags weren’t a dead give away, I didn’t get much sleep. At fuckin all.

Oh well. I’ve gotten enough requests to make me feel bad for not making a video sooner. But don’t worry folks! I will do a proper how-to video! Hopefully before VLV.

I also need to use a real fuckin camera/tri-pod set up, this shit sucked. It makes my hair look asymmetric! It was my iPhone, ontop of a box of q-tips, on top of a roll of toilet paper, while I sat on my kids Disney Princess chair. Which I think I might’ve ruined. Yeah… I might need to get her a new chair…

Anyways, enjoy. Or don’t.

2 responses to “I finally did it folks…

  1. Great Job! Your pomp is one to be proud of. You must have a great barber as well.

    • Thank you very much! There are tons of better pomps out there and a few that I have saved that I’ve been meaning to post.

      Unfortunately, I am not a barber or a hairstylist. Just some guy who can really appreciate good pomade, good music, good hair, and everything else that comes with it all.

      Unless I can find a barbershop who can “sponsor” me, so I can start up in this apprenticeship program, and get licensed.

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