Pomade Review: Murray’s Super Light

Well folks, it’s next time!

Since the ever so ‘fine’ folks of USPS lost my pomade from Uppercut, I made time to fit in another pomade to review. This time, Murray’s Superior’s little brother, Murray’s Super Light.

Now, if y’all have read some of my earlier reviews, I’ve tried my hardest to hold off on this stuff. It just never appealed to me. Especially from the stories I’ve heard about this stuff, it wasn’t “all that.” But hey, there are pomades that people see on a regular basis, but don’t wanna waste money trying out, so I do it. Someone’s gotta do all the expensive, dirty work, right?

Now, just like Murray’s Superior, this stuff comes in an orange tin. Murray’s really loves that color, huh? From a profile view, it could be easy to miss it, if it’s in a sea of Superiors. But, the barber pole on the lid is a dead give away. As is the funkadelic Super infront of said barber pole.

This shit is kinda 70's, don't ya think?

Looks like they need to add a 50 to that  1925. There is another version of this lid, I do not have it, but it’s a lot more conservative. A lot more 1925.

Opening it up, I was surprised a bit, because originally, I thought it was a medium weight version of Murray’s Superior. Boy, was I wrong.

This stuff was a very light grease, closer to Royal Crown, than Dax Short And Neat is. Which was a bummer for me, as I had previously tried out a light pomade! I wanted some change dammit!

I think I could've just the same picture from the Dax review...

It’s a little thicker in consistency than the Dax, but not by much. You can tell by its transparency, that it’s just a little thicker. But seriously, it’s not that much different.

This stuff didn’t have the hold that the Dax did. Surprisingly. It was very light and actually went through my hair like water. Seriously, like water. Even though it had a slightly thicker consistency, it’s hold wasn’t quite there. And trust me, I caked this stuff on there!

Clearly, this stuff is meant to be used as a top coat for something really thick (giggity) like Murray’s Superior. But on its own, it doesn’t do all that much for thick pomps. But hey, at least the sheen was good, right?

And keeping up with the orange theme, this stuff actually makes you orange. Don’t ask me how, but I literally became a fuckin Oompa Loompa, as soon as I used this stuff. Needless to say, my kid was scared. But then candy spilled out of me, and she was ok.

The Rebel Oompa? The Oompa Rouser? I sure as hell hope not!

While I was able to manage a pomp, it didn’t last long. This stuff is seriously like water for us thick haired folks. As soon as I stepped outside, my hair went to hell and I  went back to work in the back of the chocolate factory. Wait… That doesn’t sound right…

As it were, these types of pomades are for the wet hairstyles, or top coats. But for those who just love Murray’s Superior, but hate the lack of sheen or want it to mold their hair better, this is definitely something you need to pick up.

This stuff is a little more readily available than Dax Short And Neat, and a little bit cheaper than Royal Crown Hair Dressing. So what it really comes down to is whether or not you can find this stuff, or want to smell like the old man who farts as he walks down the vitamin aisle. But as long as it keeps you greasy, that’s all that matters.

Well folks, I’m all out of pomade for now. But I can promise you this, February, is looking VERY promising. So check back, and I’ll have some of that good stuff to share with the rest of you.

But until then,

Enjoy some of the chocolate from the factory.


Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do, The Rebel Rouser is, pomp’n for you!

A little much?

12 responses to “Pomade Review: Murray’s Super Light

  1. Just now read this, and you’re spot-on. A combo of original Murray’s and Super Light will do you wonders. I actually tried it for the first time when I ran out of Lucky 13’s medium-weight pomade and had heard good things about Murray’s Nu Nile. Since the Lucky 13 stuff is all made by Murray’s, why not keep it “in the family?” On its own, this stuff works for an old-fashioned Mad Men side part, but doesn’t have a lot of guts. Rock on, brother.

    • Thanks Turner.

      I have a review for Nu-Nile coming up soon! It’s a better alternative for Murray’s Superior, especially for those folks who are Murray’s Loyalists. And there are a lot out there!

      – Jan

  2. damn man, how’d you even manage a pomp with that stuff?? crap feels just like vaseline when I use it

  3. Thanks man, your reviews are super helpful by the way

  4. I bought This pomade when i was in florida and the consistency and colour was completely different from what you described it and from the picture shown. So maybe they changed the recipe for the super light recently because when I compared it to dax short and neat it, murrays super light was a hell of a lot thicker

    idk maybe i got a different batch of the stuff 🙂

    • Matthew,

      It could also be that the consistency has changed on your end of the country! Different climates effect consistency. Or maybe you did get a newer batch! If I had the means, I’d go around to different areas, JUST to try out a pomade, haha.

      – Jan

  5. Rebel Rouser,
    I do my hair somewhere between mad men and pomp. It’s sort of a parted side combed look, with a cesting/pipeline wave in the front. I’d like to try for a high pomp, but I can do with out the messy Murray’s superior clean-up. How is the super light as far as cleaning up? Is it a big process? How is it compared to say, Royal crown? I haven’t tried RC either, but I’m wondering which to try. I just got some Johnny B Mode gel, I like what I’m getting from it for now, but I’d like to try a pomade. I have axe and Got to be, they wash out pretty easy, but dont give me quite the shine or hold I’d like. I have quite wavy hair that after a while doesnt seem to care what i put in it, it just feathers out and does what it wants. Unless I use something like Gorilla snot, or something with a crazy hold like that.

    • Hey Martin,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      As far as cleaning up, it’s a bit messier, very much-so like Royal Crown. They’re both light and greasy, and water usually rolls right off of em. But, with a good shampoo and handsoap, it shouldn’t be a problem. Unlike Murray’s Superior, they don’t leave your hair feeling like there’s a weird film on each hairstrands.

      Check out Dax Super-Neat. It’s a petrolatum based pomade, but it’ll rinse off with water. It’ll still take a bit of effort to wash it out, but not as much as the other stuff. The hold will be comparative to something lighter, like Royal Crown, but just not as greasy.

      – Jan

  6. I’m more into higher profile pomps, but the shorter hair on my sides always stick up, so I hope this will help it stay down, since this is the only readily available light pomade in my area. Washington state sucks for pomade. All I can get is Superior, Wave and Groom, Super LIght, and Regular Beeswax. I want to get Black beeswax really bad. Maybe portland would have it, but I’m way to lazy to go over there just for that. haha

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