Pomade Review: Dax Short & Neat

Sorry for the delay folks, between me getting sick and my kid getting sick, pomade reviews have had to be postponed. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you, Dax!

Up next, we have Dax Short And Neat. Now, for the most part, Dax pomades are meant for short hair. I gues they really want to keep the 1950s, 1950s, eh? Well, this hair dress is no exception. But let’s see what it did with my long hairs.

If you need to find this stuff, it shouldn’t be hard to spot. It comes in a really vibrant blue tin, with white lettering. This tin will literally pop off the shelf, if you manage to walk past it. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it in places like CVS or Walgreens around me. But I’m sure ya’ll got beauty supply shops around, with wigs and shit. So it should be there, along with it’s cousins in various colored tins.

Dax Short And Neat

“For That Short Natural Look.” Well, sorry I have long hair shaped into a pompadour!

Opening it up, you see grease, somewhat similar in look between Sweet Georgia Brown (purple) and Royal Crown Hair dressing. So when I look at it, my guess is that it is the non washable, greasy version of it’s purple cousin, Dax Super-Neat.

How greasy does this stuff look?

Well folks, let me tell ya.

It was just as I suspected. The greasy, non washable version of it’s purple clad cousin. It’s hold is very light, comparable to Royal Crown. The only difference between the two, is that the Dax was less greasy.

It didn’t hold my hair all that well, considering that it was made for short haired folks, and I have longer hair. But it didn’t do too bad. While the hold wasn’t there for me, it did allow me to shape my hair nicely. I was able to get a very conservative pomp goin on, and hey, those aren’t too bad, right?

Not too bad, if only it was able to keep shape, with some hold. But I do love the sheen it gives!

These greasy types of pomades, are usually good for the traditional wet hairstyles, side parts, slight contours, slicked backs, etc etc. So cats with pomps, won’t really get too much out of this stuff. Aside from using it for it’s sheen, which is something every pompadour needs.

 The only application I can see myself using this stuff for, is for a top coat, for extra sheen. It doesn’t have enough hold to keep my sides down, unless I caked this stuff on. Something I’d rather not do. But for a top coat, it works great. Plus, you won’t have to smell like your grandpa. Unless you want to…

Well, that’s all I have to say about this one folks.

But until next time,

Pomp Hard.

7 responses to “Pomade Review: Dax Short & Neat

  1. Hey Dude,

    i was just wondering… everytime i slip the pomade in my hair (i usually just go for the pomp look) it dries up so fast! then when i try to comb through my hair, it hurts so bad haha. i usually use layrite, (but i use murrays or voodoo brew on occasions for shows and stuff like that where extra hold is a necessity!) i was wondering, how do you comb eaily through your hair? should i put the pomade into damp hair? because i feel as if dry hair is whats needed for strong hold. let me know what you think, you seem to have nicely quiffed hair

    • Hey Eric,

      I never put any heavy pomades in my hair when it is completely dry. As you said, it’s harder to comb through. One thing you can do, is use a blow dryer. Of course, not all guys have or really have uses for blow dryers. But in cases like ours, it’s almost something we need.

      But if you don’t have one, use a broader toothed comb, to comb your hair. It’ll comb the pomade through your hair, coating it evenly. Well, more so than having it clumped on top! Then use the fine toothed end to style it up afterwards.

      I prefer to style up with damp hair, but very lightly damp. If your hair is too wet, the pomade won’t coat your hair and clump up with every streak of the comb. I usually sit around after I shower and let my hair air dry for a little while. Then before it fully dries, I’ll add some extra pomade.

      Hoped this helped.

      – Jan

  2. “But I’m sure ya’ll got beauty supply shops around, with wigs and shit” haha well said sir. You know if they sell weaves and shit, they got some GOOD pomade!!

  3. between this and dax super neat, which is the best for a classic slick back?

    • Nathan,

      For the best classic slick back look, I suggest Short & Neat. Super-Neat is great, but it won’t have that authentic wet look. Plus, it will “melt” during the day, not keeping the slick back look, looking slick… That was weird to type out, haha.

      – Jan

  4. Hi man, I’ve recently been experimenting more with mixing pomades, I’m a regular Black and White user, but also use a British Lavender brilliantine from Yardley (I know, very English old boy), Murray’s Hair Glo and good old Royal Crown Hairdressing, mainly for 30’s style side partings/ hat hair etc, however I have recently gotten into the pomp, so been trying out a few stronger hold pomades. I’ve always found the Dax Wave and Groom far too strong for my hair and have therefore avoided it for years (I always loved the tin) I recently tried the blue which works well as a shine/ top coat. So I had the idea of mixing the two together (put both pomades in a spare tin and place in a bowl of hot water, melt and stir). I found the ratio of three Teaspoons of Red to five of Blue makes a really good mix for my hair. (like a strong Black and White – maintains an excellent hold/ shine and doesn’t run in the heat like B/W and RC). Add more of Red for hold, more of Blue for Shine. Rule of thumb is the darker the mix, the stronger the hold. I’m going to experiment with Nu Nile and Hair Glo next, will post results. Keep shining those pomps man. Drew – Norwich, England B¬)

    • Hey Drew,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      That’s a dope way of experimenting! Do you keep the extra pomade in a container or are you mixing it at-the-moment? I’ve kept a bit of mixed pomades in a small container, to bring around for this just-in-case situations.

      Let me know how the Nu-Nile + Hair Glo works out!

      – Jan

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