Final Friday at Retox

Well folks… It’s time to move on. Tonight is the final night of Rockabilly Fridays at Retox Lounge. Possibly, my ever so favorite place to be on a Friday night…

On Fridays, you don’t want to have to drive in circles, just to get a beer. Fuck, it’s Friday! You shouldn’t have to! Well, every time I’ve headed out to Retox on a Friday, there’s been parking. And as ya’ll can tell, I hate looking for parking. But alas, it’s time has come… And Rockabilly Fridays are moving to a new venue…

But until then, come out and let’s have a ball! Scott is one hell of a guy, so I’ll definitely be heading back to Retox regardless. But for the rest of yous, come out of your houses, and let’s drink!!!

Retox is thee place to be tonight, and if you ain’t there, well… Then you’re wherever the hell you are. And that place probably isn’t all that great! Well, it could be. But I wouldn’t know, CUZ I’LL BE HAVING MYSELF A GOOD TIME WITH GOOD FOLKS AT RETOX!


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