A Couple More Upcoming Events

And these are some that you don’t wanna miss out on…

Two real solid, rockin’ bands. A huge dance floor for everyone to swing. Trust me, this is gonna be blast.

If you haven’t listened to Marti Brom yet, you are missing out. She’s got one hell of a voice, so you can bet that she puts on a great show.

She also will be performing at HopMonk. If you cats haven’t been to HopMonk yet, you’re missing out. They got some crazy beers there! And I’ll tell ya, they’ll get you drunk! I most likely won’t be able to make it out to this one, but for those who do, get a Pliney The Elder for the Rebel Rouser! Trust me on this one guys. That’s one badass beer. Especially from HopMonk.
And ladies, if you got a sweet tooth, you can bet they can satisfy all your needs. They have this cake called Chocolate Decadence and you can bet that there’s chocolate. And I don’t mean just chocolate, I mean a fuckin mountain of chocolate. Ridiculous. You’ll need to take a picture of it, so your friends will believe you that it really is that-big.

Oh yeah, get the garlic fries, they’re pretty bad ass as well!


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