An Uppercut, Right Out Of Australia!

Maybe that title was a little corny…

A lot of people are looking for new, water soluble pomades. The greasy pomades are getting a little too harsh for most to handle, on a day to day basis. And here in the US, we have a lot of brands, Layrite and Grant’s to name a couple. But across the waters, other brands are coming out of the woodwork, and are coming correct. One of those brands my friends, is Uppercut.

Funny enough, I stumbled across this brand, when I wasn’t looking for pomades or rockabilly shit. I just literally stumbled upon it. What luck, right? Sent out an email to the ever so friendly and helpful Ms. Kiera, who happened to be willing to ship me out a little care package.

Now, this brightened up my day! Not only was she one of the few to actually reply professionally from a pomade brand, but she was helpful and very generous.

I asked her if anyone behind Uppercut was into martial arts or fighting, as I have practiced it in the past, and enjoy watching MMA and boxing. Of course I’d assume that, as well… The brands name is Uppercut, and there are two boxers on the logo. But here’s what she told me…

“The boxing inspiration is more from the sub-culture rather than actual styles of fighting, it holds that raw tradition and is masculine.”

And you know what… I can dig it. Opened my eyes to a whole new brand. A lot of US brands like to focus on being US made and such. Where as Uppercut has their products focusing in on masculinity, something that some fellas need to realize. While that cucumber-melon lotion smells good, IT’S WRONG! GET SOME MASCULINE SHIT MOTHER FUCKER, LIKE KEROSENE! Just kidding.

Fast forward to today…

I got a package! Well, a note saying my package is at the post office. So, I got up early, washed my hair, and went out to pick it up. To find the post office wasn’t opened till 8:30. Fuckin A. Left, got gas, food, went home and ate, then went back.

Clearly I was a little excited. One thing bothered me, the package had a hole in the bottom, felt light and soft… Didn’t feel any container inside. Maybe she had slipped in a sample size?

So… The “2nd” notice was yesterday, when was the first notice? Hm…

As soon as I got home, I ripped the package open and look what I got!!!

Wow, what a shitty photo. I’m sorry, I didn’t see how it looked until now. This is live train of thought folks!

What presentation, right? A typed letter, a catalogue, a big ass sticker, and a t-shirt! But wait, where’s the pomade?

Well folks. That’s what I want to know too. Ontop of not having the pomade in the package, the folder and everything was wet. What the fuck USPS???

As soon as I saw that hole in the packaging, I knew it was bad news. I went back over to the post office, had to wait in line (we all know how shitty that is,) and got “greeted” but someone who just hates their lives so much, they have to be utterly useless. And by utterly, I mean…

Me: “So… Can’t you just look around where you picked it up, to see if it slipped out?”
Lady: “No, I can’t do that. Fill out the form and submit it.”
Me: “So you’re just gonna be completely useless, right?”
Lady: Moo

So instead of pomade, I get PAPER!!!

Yeah… A total bummer for me. I’ve been looking forward to this pomade for a couple of weeks now. To the point where I almost didn’t think I was getting it! And thanks to the USPS, I didn’t!

Oh well. Better luck next time, right?

I just wanted to give a big thanks to Kiera. Not just for offering to send me some goodies, but for also being real helpful and helping me understand the brand.

Not only do they offer pomade, they also have a full line of mens health care. So fellas, if you’re also looking for some good shampoos, conditioners, facewash, body wash, t-shirts, definitely check out Uppercut. I mean, pomade and shampoo is almost synonymous , but a whole line of products like that? These cats must be doing it right.

They’re also planning to release a “Monster Hold” pomade, due later this year. Aimed for the rockers who want to keep their pomps high and tight. I know quite a few people who are looking forward to that. So more info on that when it’s out.

So don’t forget to check out this brand. Their customer service is excellent and their products are solid.

Uppercut Deluxe
Uppercut Deluxe on Facebook


3 responses to “An Uppercut, Right Out Of Australia!

  1. I’ve used Uppercut. That stuff kicks layrites ass. Its AWESOME. And it has the best smell of all the pomades I’ve used. Smells delish… 😉
    Bummer you didn’t get to try it out…

    • Good to hear man.

      Luckily, the lovely folks of Uppercut are sending me another sample. Hopefully this time USPS doesn’t “misplace” it. But hopefully, someone at USPS is having a good hair day on behalf of Uppercut!

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