Shampoo Review: Mr. Ducktail

Alrighty folks. I’m feeling a little bit better, so hopefully I can get back on track with some reviews…

Anyone and everyone who uses pomade, looks for a way to get it out of their hair. It’s only natural, because sometimes leaving pomade in your hair for way too long, can become uncomfortable. I would know, when it’s hot at night and I have pomade in my hair, I can’t sleep a wink.

A lot of brands nowadays who produce pomade, also try to offer a shampoo to get that pomade out of your hair. I mean, it only makes sense, right? It would be weird if Sweet Georgia Brown made notebooks. Actually, the covers on those could be badass. It would be weird if Dax made soda… Fuck it, never mind.

Mr. Ducktail’s shampoo doesn’t have a specific name. It just has his signature logo on it, with a cool little line:

“Wash your hair, not your soul.” Kinda Rastafarian, don’t you think? 

Sorry folks, I still can’t smell anything. So I have no idea what this smells like. But if it’s anything like his pomade, it smells good.

Now, I’m a guy and I don’t have a shit ton of shampoo or conditioners. Just pomade. So, I’ve never tried anything like this. But this shampoo has little microbeads, to help remove the pomade from your hair. I’ve used face washes with microbeads and a body wash a few years back, but never a shampoo.

My first thought, “it’s gonna be a bitch to wash these beads out.” Not just because they’re microbeads themselves, but because they could get caught by pomade ressidue. Did these little beads actually help wash out the pomade?

Well, as far as I can tell… They did. Yesterday, I did the whole lather-rinse-repeat jazz about 3 times. Of course, it didn’t get all of the pomade out. Today, I did a quick later-rinse. As you would guess it, there was still pomade in my hair. But not all that much, surprisingly.

Usually, when a shampoo like this claims to wash out pomade easily, well. They don’t. But this stuff actually washed a relatively good amount of pomade out. I tested this, by doing a dish soap + combing. I didn’t comb out all that much pomade, like I usually do. And trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.

But for this stuff to actually get rid of a decent amount of pomade, I think it’s pretty fuckin awesome. I did just about a dab or two, per lather. So it wasn’t like I was caking this stuff on, and it was stripping my hair of everything. These little beads of joy did their job. And yes, I still some of these fuckers in my hair, afterwards.

Would I suggest this stuff? At $18, it’s not the cheapest shampoo in the world. But does it get the job done? Pretty much. I’d say cats with shorter will benefit from this shampoo. Microbeads won’t get lost on the wash out, like they do with my long locks. It would also work for the guys who like to shampoo their hair every other day, as it’ll get out a decent amount of pomade out, but not enough for you to need to cake on a couple more layers of pomade the next day to style.

Well, that’s all for now.

Even though this was a review for a shampoo that helps wash out pomade…

Stay Greasy.


2 responses to “Shampoo Review: Mr. Ducktail

  1. Kim—Here is an easy way to get pomade all out. Works like nothing else I have tried and does not use harsh dish detergent. Buy a tube of Groom and Clean Hair Groom and saturate hair while shaving. Before showering massage a good bit of eraser shampoo ( in hair, hop in shower and rinse and follow up with another lathering of the shampoo or two. No pomade will be left. Promise

    • I know I got a girls name, but damn, my name’s not Kim! 😉

      Thanks for that little tip. My way works well for me, I manage to get all the pomade out. But I’ll look into trying out your method, for extra justification. Unfortunately, the link for the Eraser shows that the product is either out of stock or discontinued. But I’ll search for a site that has it in stock.

      Thanks for the tip! If anyone elses uses it, and it works just like Kley says it does, don’t be afraid to speak up!

      – Kim, not Jan. Just kidding 😉

      – Jan

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