Get Rhythm

No, I’m not talking about Johnny Cash.

Here’s a cool little photo documentary about Charlie Wilson. One thing I can always appreciate, are the rockabilly cats in Euroland. They keep on rockin’ and look good doing it too. The attire and hair. Clean and simple pomps from these guys!

Kids, take note… Their hair doesn’t go straight UP. Ok? No more of that shield pomp shit! Just full, flowing, greasy pompadours.

Anyways. Check out the video. If only there were a few more parts. Hopefully we’ll see more documentaries about all the cool Eurocats. I know I’ll be looking forward to that.


2 responses to “Get Rhythm

  1. That was a pretty sick video. It’s cool how he’s still going with it.

    I found a cool video about a UK band The Caezars

    • Cool little band. I heard some stuff from em, but don’t own any albums. Not gonna lie, when he talks, he reminds me of The Beatles.

      Gotta dig how their bassist can whip his head around, and his hair goes right back into place.

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