Paramore Goes Back In Time.

To the era we all love most.

I’d say it’s evident from their video Playing God. From Haley Williams all dolled up like a stepford wife, to Jeremy Davis’s newly acquired pompadour, they’re obviously dipping their toes in 50s and 60s. I mean, as long as it keeps grown guys away from scenester stick straight hair and headbands, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I fuckin love Haley Williams. Hate me if you will, but she’s hot! And by hot I mean dirty stuff. And by dirty stuff I mean the shit you used to do with your ladies, before they became your wifes, and that dirty stuff stopped happening, kind of dirty. And by that kind of dirty I mean… Well, you get the picture. Was it pretty?


If you cats don’t believe me, check out their video for Playing God. And yes, I would love to have her as a stepford wife. I mean, who the hell wouldn’t mind having a stepford wife around for a little while? Unless they’re robots.

I bet you folks hate the fact that I posted this on Jackie Wilsons death anniversary, huh?

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