Saw a sweet Chevy 2500 the other day. This thing came all the way up from Mexico, and let me tell you. It was clean as hell.

Nothing beats a clean and simple paint job. I don’t care who airbrushed your car, put that sparkle in the paint, pinstriped whatever. Nothing will beat a classic car or truck with a classic, simple paint job.

All the chrome was polished, paint was clean without any spots whatsoever, and well… Needless to say, this truck was hot. What made me really love the truck even more, was that it was a family truck. They had a baby seat in the middle, just like I would have if I had one of these, or a C10. If only, right? Soon enough folks, soon enough.

The beauty of this truck eclipses my car in the backround. Damn, this was a good looking truck. ANYONE GOT SOMETHIN’ FOR SALE???


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