Disclaimer About The Blog.

I bet a few of you have wondered… “Does this loser get free pomade or something?” The truth of the matter is folks, no, I don’t.

None of the pomade I have reviewed has been given to me by pomade brands, as I have never approached any of them with that sort of intent. I’ve only contacted a few with questions regarding local stockists.

The few that replied had given poor customer service. Due to poor customer service, I will not be giving them any publicity. They will remain unnamed. So you folks hoping I would bash someone, sorry, maybe the next hipsterbilly to cross my path.

The pomades I have reviewed, are those that I’ve found genuine interest in and/or have been able to find locally. I will still support classic brands such as Black & White, Murray’s Brand, Dax, etc etc, as they are… Well, classics.

Modern brands such as Layrite or Mr. Ducktails pomade will get my support, as I have admiration for both the pomade and the people behind them. Always have, always will.

There are still a few modern pomades that I have been interested in and plan on trying out. So expect some new reviews in the future. But aside from those few pomades, I’ll be sticking to the classics.

So folks. The truth is now out there.


4 responses to “Disclaimer About The Blog.

  1. So I’ve been thinking about getting some SGB or Black and White. Personally out of all three kinds of SGB vs Black and White, which one would you favor? Pros and Cons? I’ve read your reviews of them but which do you prefer?

    I’m also thinking about getting some Layrite for when I wear hats and such because I don’t want to get em all greasy, so what do you think my best option would be at this point in time? Thanks man.

    • I’ve only tried the blue and purple tin. I could probably benefit from the red tin more so, as it has a stronger hold. Your hair is finer than mine, so you could probably do without a heavier pomade, and be set with the blue tin.
      The purple tin, is relatively similar to Royal Crown, just not as greasy, as it is water based. But it doesn’t wash right out, unlike Dax Super-Neat, which is similar as well. But a whole lot cheaper and somewhat more readily avialable. And, the scents are obviously gonna be different.
      Layrite is always choice, especially if you plan on using it for when you wear hats. Be prepared for the matte look though, as it has no sheen whatsoever. You could always do a very very light coat of something with sheen, ie Royal Crown/Brylcreem etc etc. Too much of that sort of pomade will break the hold that Layrite has.

  2. Appreciate your reviews as I share your interests and comments on pomades as having a great pompadour is important to me for several reasons. I presently use one of your “cocktails” and love the look. I put a good bit of High Life heavy on, use the blow dryer to distribute it throughout my hair and then a thin coat of Royal Crown to finish it off and when that sets it is perfect hold and perfect sheen. And no problem with touch ups during the day!!!! So I appreciate your efforts!!!!!!

    • Thank you thank you. I appreciate it!

      It’s good to know people are out and about actually using my tips!

      Again, thank you. I appreciate everyones feedback.

      – Jan

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