Some WHY’s I have for rockabilly…

There are just somethings in rockabilly, that I’ll just never understand. So some of you cats are gonna need to explain it to me…

Creepers: WHY? I honestly think these are some ugly shoes. Not dissing anyone who wears em. But for me, I just think they look weird. And I don’t understand the connection with these footwear to rockabilly. Loafers, boots, canvas sneakers, yes. I see it. But really? Creepers? I don’t know, that why I’m asking. There are only one pair of shoes by TUK that I like, and those are the monk straps. Why? Because you’re not gonna find a pair of black suede monk straps without a leather sole, for everyday wear. But for the rest of the shoes, no idea…
Someone please explain to me the appeal.

Social Distortion: I like Social Distortion as much as anyone, but what is their huge connection with rockabilly? I mean, sure, they are heavily influenced by the artists of the 50s and 60s. But in reality, what band/artist isn’t? Now, I see a whole lot of rockabillies labeling them as rockabilly, which gets me to thinkin, what? Why? I mean, I’ve seen these guys labeled in every genre and loved by loyalists to such genres. But why so much love by the rockabilly community?

Bleach Streaks: On the ladies, fuck yeah. It’s awesome and especially sexy when it’s a natural one. But fellas, what’s up with that? I don’t remember seeing a bleach streak in Cark Perkins curly fro or in Conway Twitty’s bombage? I’ll never understand it. Not gonna lie, after that Rockabilly-O’s, I was heavily thinking a purple pompadour… But I don’t think that’s a good look for job interviews.

Skinny Black Jeans: This is for the folks trying to describe or define rockabilly… I’m not saying I’ve seen folks wear em, but almost any website trying to define rockabilly and greasers says they wear skinny black jeans? What? I’ve said this in person to a few people, but… THIS SHIT AIN’T GREASE. And of course they looked skinny, did you not see John Travolta? He was a stick back then.


Everything about rockabilly is pretty much self explanatory. But there are just a few things, that people try to incorporate into it nowadays, that just leave me wondering, WHAT THE FUCK.


2 responses to “Some WHY’s I have for rockabilly…

  1. This history lesson starts here…..
    Creepers were designed by an Englishman named George Cox. Although Wikipedia cites that crepe sole shoes were leftovers from the war and worn by returning GI’s in England, I was told the history of Creepers from Tim Polecat who I think might have more authority.

    Sometime in the 40s George Cox took a trip to the US. While visiting New Orleans, he noticed a lot of the very poor blues musicians were wearing shoes that had old tires as soles. The musicians either couldn’t afford properly soled shoes or they preferred the look of them, I’m not clear. He designed the first creepers in England and by the mid to late 50s they had been adopted as the preferred footwear of Teddy Boys, as were long Drape coats, long greasy hair and sideburns. The reason they got the nickname “Brothel Creepers” was because a lot of these blues musicians were playing in Brothels.

    By the 70s punks had adopted the footwear and it continued on down the line. A lot of former punks are now into Rockabilly.

    Some of the things you are describing as “Rockabilly” sound more “Psychobilly” to me.

    I could practically write a dissertation Social Distortion’s relationship to Rockabilly. Maybe I will write a blog about it.

    Hope that clears it up for you!

    • Thanks Kim!

      I knew the connection with Teds and creepers, so that’s not very surprising to me.

      But I’ve seen a few rockabillies wearing em and “modeling” em and it just looks weird to me. I figured they’re probably just punk rock converts. But I can see where it sounds like I’m describing pyschobillies. Especially with the bleach streak.

      As far as the whole Social Distortion thing goes, I’ve heard people say they’re this they’re that blah blah blah. I mean, these guys are so popular every genre wants em! That would be a good post though.

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