Road Zombies Car Club Night

Forgot to post this, as I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to it or not.

Since I’m sort of celebrating my 24th birthday this Saturday, hey… why the hell not, right?

I’ve been watching videos about the Road Zombies, so this is definitely something I don’t want to miss. Rain or shine, it’s gonna be a blast. I wish I had a fuckin cool car, so I can be a prospect. Who want’s to start a modern SUVcar club?

4WDCC? Black SUVCC, BSUVCC? Fuck my car sucks…

Saturday is gonna be a long ass day for me.

San Francisco in the morning, Richmond for the evening, Brisbane at night. I better be able to sleep in this Sunday.

If you cats don’t have anything to do, definitely come out. The Road Zombies have some amazing cars. So you can bet your new 501s that I’ll be snapping some flicks.


One response to “Road Zombies Car Club Night

  1. I will be der.

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