Recap: The Chop Tops at The Avalon.

WHOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo… That’s all I can really say about the show. Ok, I’ll try and muster up some words to describe the show.

The night started out late, as usual. I’m one who doesn’t want to be at an event too early, but I hate it when we get there too late. Last night wasn’t any different. Sigh.

Before we got to The Avalon, I knew it was gonna be a different crowd, and I told my friends the same. I didn’t doubt that some of the usual suspects would be there. But I also knew that it was gonna be a whole lot different than the SF shows. It was gonna be a whole lot more… Punk.

The flyer never noted any door fee, but alas. When we walked through the hallway, there was a the kid at the door chargin’. FUCK. If only, right?

As soon as we got in, Thee Merry Widows were performing, which meant we missed about half of the bands. Sorry ya’ll. But Thee Merry Widows put on one hell of a show. Their bassist and drummer… Mmmmfff… I was smitten and spent.

Thee Merry Widows.

Can you guess where I was standing, when I took the picture? Yup. The bar.

And you know what. FUCK THAT BAR. I get it. It’s a club in Santa Clara, people got money and all that jazz. But man, $6 for a Corona? You kidding me?  $4, fine… $5 is acceptable. But $6, on top of shitty service? Come on. The “bartender” kept sticking towards the middle. So us at the end waited patiently over and over and over, while people who suddenly pop up in the middle, get their drinks ASAP.
Seriously buddy, MULTITASK. If you can’t remember two separate drinks, one being a bottled beer the other being a drink consisting of alcohol and coke, means you should be at McDonalds asking what sauce they want for their chicken nuggets. Work clockwise, counterclockwise, whatever. But when bartenders do half assed jobs like that, it bugs the fuck out of me!

Aside from expensive drinks and shitty service, the night had to go on. And go on it did.

We took a breather between The Merry Widows and The Chop Tops, so we just sat down in a booth. Which was relaxing.

Chopped up a few Altoids which looked like some booger sugar. And when a couple of barbacks came by to pick up our glasses, they walked off as if it wasn’t anything. I mean, yeah, it was just some peppermints. But jeeze man, at least show some concern!

Not your pusher.

Would you trust him, if he offered you some coke?

The Crowd

Oh the crowd. Full of punks and rockabillies alike. But wait, there’s more!

Odd Men Out

Now, they wouldn’t be posted up on here, if they hadn’t given me weird looks. But since they did, hey… You’re on the internet. But seriously… They look to be in their 30s and looked like they brought in 14 year old girls. Kind of a strange sight to see, at a Chop Top show.

Last but not least… The Chop Tops!

The Chop Tops

If you guys haven’t heard them before, or seen them perform, these guys put on A. Fuckin. Show. And by show, I mean SHOWWWWW…

It felt like more of an Elvis tribute, than at the Intveld show. I mean, at least Sinner told a story about Elvis and Carl Perkins, before performing Matchbox.

There’s seriously nothing I can really say about this show. It was badass. From Shelby jumping and kicking around, Sinner slamming his sticks into the cymbals, and Brett throwing up the bass. These guys put everything they had, to putting on a great show.

They ended the show with an encore. They covered The Stray Cats, Rock This World, and damn. That was a badass cover! Definitely a band you guys have to catch. You’ll regret it if they come through your town, and you miss the show.

I had myself a ball. It was nice to run into The Bombshells Kim and Rachelle, even though it was short.

I can’t wait for another great show by The Chop Tops.

Damn what a good show. I don’t even know how to end this post.



2 responses to “Recap: The Chop Tops at The Avalon.

  1. must have just missed you. Showed up just in time to see the Motorpunx, just to find out there are not in-n-out privilege at this club. What club does not allow people to leave and return? My wife did not want to spend the whole night there and I planned on leaving and returning, of course I could not and did not feel like give that place another $15 bucks. I have seen the Chop Tops before and will se them again. I hear, now more then one place, I missed one hell of a show.

    Oh ya, I had a diet coke and Cpt, wife had a red wine, $15 and the bartender (female) was terrible and rather rude. Almost like we were bothering her.

    • Yeah man, I tried to keep an eye out. But there were a whole lot of people, so it was kinda hard to.

      I was mainly at the bar, during Thee Merry Widows, and hid over at the booths after that.

      The lady was a pain in the ass. She was the first one I ordered a drink from, and wasn’t helpful in anyway. The other one was the bigger guy with a hat, and he was straight up rude. Oh well.

      Definitely gonna catch them again, and check out more gigs in the South Bay. So I’ll most likely run into you sooner or later.

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