Gotta Love New Shit…

What a fuckin way to kick off 2011, eh?

A badass show by The Chop Tops. And now this…

Remember my post about Mr. Ducktail’s shop and how my sister bought me a tin of pomade? Well…

Luckily, she didn’t wait until my birthday (this Thursday,) to give me my gifts! Pretty fuckin awesome. My cousin, who also went with her to London, picked up the shirt for me. And my sister bought two more tins of pomade and shampoo. And I can tell ya… The shampoo. Smells. AMAZING.

Plus, gotta love your local record shop.

And for those who don’t know. Or are wondering…

Yes it is.

Looks like 2011 is shaping up nicely. And I should also have a new pomade to review. And trust me folks, by the looks of it, it looks to be promising. VERY promising. So stay tuned, and I’ll have a new pomade to share with the rest of the world.

Until then folks,

Pomp Hard.


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