Recap: Elvis Birthday Tribute.

Whoooo… That was a long day. And a seemingly longer night. I’m not hung over, but I am tired as fuck. Still got enough energy to catch The Chop Tops in Santa Clara tonight.

The thing I hate about San Francisco, is parking. Now, if you’re willing to shell out some cash to park in a garage, that’s fine. But when there are gigs in areas of San Francisco that don’t have parking garages, that’s when it’s difficult.

Come on planners! I know the place like The Independent and however many other theaters in SF are “classics” and the cool places to have gigs at for clout, but I mean, COME ON. There are no parking garages anywhere. Unless we some how glazed over them after doing cross hatch driving patterns around the Divisidero… It took us nearly an hour to find parking. SO PLEASE PROMOTERS… STOP SETTING UP GIGS AT VENUES THAT AREN’T AROUND PARKING GARAGES.

Same thing happened while we went to catch Big Sandy at the Red Devil Lounge. N.O. PARKING.

After we managed to find parking, it was time to start the show! Not really, as the time we took to find parking, the B-Stars had already performed and finished. As we got in, they had just finished setting up for Red Meat. Now, this is the first time I’ve heard of this band and seen them, so I wasn’t sure what I was in for…

After getting my drink and looking around, I started to notice a whole lot of country folks around. Hmmm… Could it be? Yes… They were a country band. I’m not a fan of country, never have and I doubt I ever will. But hey, as long as they put on a good show, right? It was a good show, from perverted jokes to some good ol’ story tellin’, they managed to keep everyone on their feet. Plus, they didn’t do a bad Funnel Of Love cover… That’s always a good thing, cuz if you ruin a Wanda Jackson song, it’s over…

My location of choice. The Bar.

After they had finished, many of the country folk have left. I guess since they figured that James Intveld was rockabilly, they didn’t need to stick around.  Oh well, sucks for them.

Now, the crowd was pretty mixed… From some of the usual suspects from the other rockabilly shows, to the country folks, to some of the most awkward people I’ve ever seen.

Now, there was a little bro group there. That’s fine, they were just doing their thing, being bros and seeing who’s puka shell necklace was tighter.

Then there were some older SF bumpkins who said “Looks like Elvis is in the building.” As he said this, his lady friend whispered to him while looking at me, so when he turned around he was a little stunned. His Andy Warhol look alike friend popped a couple of jokes and tried to check if I was wearing blue suede shoes.  Yeaaaaah… And as if I thought the night couldn’t get any weirder.

There was one guy who was dressed in his ubran Friday Night gear, with his oversized blazer, printed off white shirt, sagged jeans and multiple cups of alcohol in his hand. This guy, was out to get drunk, and to get some action. He tried to pass a couple of looks to my lady. Hell, he tried to pass looks at EVERY lady. While the lovely rockabilly chicks weren’t diggin’ his drunken flirty comments, the country cougars were. This is the type of guy who’s friends yell CHUG CHUG CHUG at BJs on a Thursday evening.

When James hit the stage, everyone was captivated. Wailing and clapping every time he made a joke, this guy had the audience hooked.

It bummed me out, as by the time we were on our way, I realized I left my camera behind. What was the point of charging it the night before? I guess I’ll take pictures of flowers or something.

As he played his orginal songs, I was waiting for some Elvis cover songs, maybe some stuff from Cry Baby. What, I really liked the movie and the songs from it.
About 3 songs in, we started to take notice how country his songs are. Not overly, but there were definitely lacking his 90s rockabilly sound. Oh, if only we had a time machine.

And of course, Rockin’ Raul from the Hi-Rhythm Hustlers was there, swingin’ about. And of course, he was doing his signature 3 way swing.


CRACKER JACK MACK WAS GETTIN’ HIS GROOVE ON WITH SOME BUSTY COUGARS. Some of thee most awkward dance moves were performed last night…

No idea what dance move that’s supposed to be…

Oh what a day…

To top it all off, some creeper tried to get a 4 way swing going on, while Raul was doing his thing with two ladies. That was seriously, one of the most awkward things I’ve seen. And  yesterday I’ve seen a lot. Such as, some older cat trying to do some Z-Boys moves on a skateboard, with cowboy boots tucked into hiking shoes.

But when the guy tried to take away Raul’s shine, it just wasn’t gonna happen.

Oh man. All in all, I had a good time. I didn’t stay till the end, as I had to be up at 9. I’d be bummed if James played some Elvis or Cry Baby stuff after we left. If only he still had that rockabilly sound he had in the 90s, it would’ve made it that much better. Or at least really make it an Elvis Tribute night.

I mean, how awesome would it be to see and hear him sing in falsetto?

So here’s one of my favorites. It truly shows his range and I just wish I could’ve seen it last night.

Teardrops Are Falling


4 responses to “Recap: Elvis Birthday Tribute.

  1. Red Meat is actually Wanda Jackson’s backing band in California.

  2. May 4, Wanda in SF. You heard it here on the Rebel Rouser blog first. Not sure of the venue yet.

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