Prepping For VLVXIV.

Now, the last time I was in Las Vegas was for a karate tournament back when I was like… 16 or 17. That trip was fun, since I won first place in fighting and forms, but it sucked because I was so sure we were gonna run into the girls from the night before, I left the raffle and went to look for the ladies. A couple of rounds to the spot where we saw them, nada. Then I got two calls… They told me they called my name, TWICE, and the prize was for $100, each time. Fuck my life, right? Being that you, $200 was like $2,000. Oh well… At least I kicked some ass.

Enough of that, VIVA LAS VEGAS! This will be the first time going to Vegas being of legal age (to drink and gamble, ‘cept I don’t gamble.) As well as my first time going to the Viva Las Vegas event. So you can imagine how stoked I am to go.

Beers, cars, rockabilly music and people out and about, and of course, pools full of ladies. Don’t deny it fellas, you enjoy the eye candy of women and cars alike. You too ladies, don’t deny it! It’s ok to look at some other greasy dudes, it’s human nature! Just don’t let him catch ya. 😉

Since it’s pretty much right around the corner, that means it’s prep time! Time to schedule your hair appointments ladies and gents. Get the hair all right and purdy like.

Time to find the right shirts to wear, maybe pick up a new pair of jeans by then, make sure the pomade stock is full and get my selection figured out. But with all this crap, you gotta put it in something…

The other day, I stumbled upon a damn luggage sitting on the sidewalk on Valencia St. So I said, fuck it. It doesn’t have flies hovering over, it’s not heavy and nothing is shaking around, so there’s not like a hand or a face in it or anything. Why not? In the car it goes!

I get home and open it up, hoping to find a hundred dollar bill or something. A little twist and shout, and away we go…

Look at that thing. It’s in perfect condition! Only thing it’s missing is the key. But guess what… I’m good.

Did I find treasure? A face? Condoms? ANYTHING???

No, I found some fuckin news paper from 1996. Pretty fuckin old, but nothing worth while. DAMMIT! WHERE’S MY MONEY? WHERE’S THE SKINNED FACE???

Oh well, it was worth hoping for.

Now, I would dig using this for Vegas. The catch is, there’s no key, and the locking mechanism doesn’t have a switch to open it up from the outside. Unless I was driving, using is pretty much out of the question. Sigh. I can probably figure out a way to rig it, so it stays closed and can be opened easily from the outside. Until I figure out what I can use, I gotta find something new.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I’m still gonna keep this thing, just refurbish the hell out of it. But dammit, so close, yet… So far.


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