What London Has To Offer.

My sister just came back from her trip to Paris and London. Luckily for me, she made some time to swing by a shop I want to check out myself, but at the moment, can’t. Can ya guess what shop that was?

Well if you haven’t noticed by some of the posts I’ve posted, it was none other than It’s Something Hell’s. It’s one of the main shops I really want to visit and get a haircut from. Oh well, at least my sister got to check it out.

Here’s a few pics she took of the shop.

Drawing closer…

This is the closest to a smile that I’ve seen from Mr. Ducktail. I know he smiles, but there’s not too many pictures around of him doing so. It’s like she caught him by surprise…

HA! See?

The man at work.

Sooner or later, I will make it out there.

But since I can’t, my sister brought back something for me.

Mr. Ducktail’s pomade! This stuff, is tiny. It’s made by the French brand Hairgum, and the logo is designed by none other than Vince Ray. If you folks are sick of looking at the same old Lucky 13 graphics, check out his stuff.

Don’t believe me that this is a small tin? Well, let’s compare…

Pretty small. But hey, that’s French for ya.

I’ll be using this stuff ASAP and have a review for it as well. But from what I’ve heard, this is one awesome pomade and it smells pretty fuckin good.

She has two more tins for me, but since my birthday is right around the corner, she plans on using them as birthday gifts. Whoopdeedoo. At least I got one, right?

Thanks Big Face!


8 responses to “What London Has To Offer.

  1. Really enjoyed the visit of your sister , please send me a pic of you wearing the shirt.
    Stay greasy
    Cheers from London

    • Thanks a lot sir! I really appreciate you taking the time to swing by my site.

      She just told me today that your wife and apprentice laughed at the “mission” I put her on.

      I’ll take a picture of myself wearing the shirt, (though I did wear it on Friday,) after I lose some weight. It looks like I’m wearing a bib with my stomach hanging out of the bottom.

  2. chris sutton

    i think that is my fat head in the chair ..He sells bigger tins or i have seen them online and if you want some sending drop me a line ..

    My hairs way too short but still the best cut i ever had ..
    I said nothing and got everything i wanted ..awesome first time i didn’t touch it after leaving the barbers door..


  3. Hey,

    Thanks for the tip off re Mr Ducktail’s pomade. I probably wouldn’t ever have stumbled upon it if it wasn’t for your review. Just recieved the goods today and am struck by the fact that it’s
    a) Impressive. Most impressive.
    b) a little smaller than I expected, even though you were good enough to post pics of the dinky little tin.

    So…. any luck tracking down the bigger tins?


    • Hey Mike,

      Nice Star Wars reference ya did there.

      Hairgum commented saying they’re going to be releasing a 13oz tin on their site soon. Which obviously, is big as hell. From what I’ve seen, that’s the next biggest size container for pomade, aside from Layrites 32oz tub. Black & White offers their pomade in a 7oz, and that’s lasting me quite a while. So just imagine a 13oz! Needless to say, I’m stoked, and will be buying a couple as soon as it’s stocked!

      Keep checking back, I’ll post as soon as I find out.

      – Jan

  4. Just curious… how may pomps can this little tin can style on average… I really wish they still made the SUPER can…

    • I’m surprised at how much the 1oz tin offered! I was scared to use half of it in one go, but it took a good few uses to thoroughly use it. I think about a good week and a half worth?

      – Jan

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