Justin Timberlake Is Inspired By Greasers.

Meant to post about this earlier, but whatever.

If anyone who reads this is into fashion, has a subscription to celeb. magazines, or goes to Target as often as I do, you know that Justin Timberlake’s William Rast clothing line has dropped. So for those who couldn’t find that Schott Perfecto they’ve been hunting for, keep hunting.

I’m not completely sure what his line is inspired by. He released both a mens and womens collection, which to me is a hodge podge of stuff. I mean, it is just clothes being sold to everyday folk, but when designer Isaac Mizrahi put out his collection, it made sense. Well, it’s not like the folks who read this blog will be wearing womens clothes anyways… Or do you guys?

The mens collection. Well, if it wasn’t designed or styled in such manner, it wouldn’t be on here. But guess what, it is!

Ok. The bomber jacket isn’t so much rockabilly. But the styling of the clothes sure is. Let’s take a look…

Blue jeans, of course they have fading going on. It gives the vintage look! A black “leather” jacket on top of a tucked in plaid shirt, that’s not buttoned all the way or half way, to show off the rebellious white tee shirt (with a print,) and an Indian “inspired” necklace to top it off. And if that wasn’t enough, the quiff paired up with the styling of the clothes, should be a dead give away.

Not enough for ya?

Anyone see where this is heading?

The quiff, engineer boots, plaid, white shirts, “attitude” the model has,” and the faux perfecto the model to the left is wearing.

While this is all fine for the mens wear, as it looks to be mainly “greaser inspired,” the part that irks me is how the womens line doesn’t make sense or show any relation to the mens. If it did, I’d understand where his “inspiration” came from. Rather than jumping on the hottest band wagon of the century.

Let’s see how his “greaser” mens wear relates to the womens…

Aside from the perfecto esque jacket in brown, there’s nothing else relating the two lines. Oh, and a plaid shirt. Really though, if he made something similar or styled it such, it would make sense. But, in all honesty, it really doesn’t.

As I’ve said, it’s fine for clothes being sold towards every day people, but when you look at the collection as a whole, it doesn’t fit. Oh well. As long as it makes the ladies look good in his tight pants, that’s all us fellas can really ask for, right?

Maybe he got his inspiration from The Jonas Brothers. Who knows… Maybe they’re gonna start a rockabilly super boy band. Maybe include The Baseballs in the mix.

All I know is that there will be a whole lot of freaky looking kids getting their greaser on, with William Rast clothing. While that’s fine and all, get them into the culture and good music, but if I see a group of kids wearing his fake perfecto jacket, gel-ing up their hair and trying to act tough infront of Jamba Juice, I’m gonna shit bricks.

2 responses to “Justin Timberlake Is Inspired By Greasers.

  1. I’m gonna laugh if rockabilly becomes the next big thing, because people will probably just be going with that trend, not what style they truly like..

    • Oh man, I can tell you right now, that rockabilly will be in, very soon.

      Back track to some of my posts, showing where certain places have been picking up bit and pieces of rockabilly. Stores like Guess, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and of all places… STARBUCKS have been carrying rockabilly “inspired” clothing, styling models like such, etc etc.

      You’ll start seeing more and more kids leaning towards the style, very shortly.

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