Don’t you just hate it when…

You get a gnarly headache the night of an awesome show? I sure as hell do.

Sorry Felix, gonna have to catch you guys around town, on another day.

I met Felix on NYE at Retox, he passed me a flyer for a gig tonight, where his band Slim Jenkins will be playing, along side of Swamp Angel. I missed them at the Harvest Moon Hop and was hoping to make it up by watching em tonight. But alas, I have a pain in the ass headache that’s been killing me all morning. It doesn’t help when you’re driving around an old lady who was swerving from one lane to another, back and forth. Then dealing with someone who actually came to a stop on the freeway, trying to switch lanes…

If that’s not headache material, I have no idea what is.

But for the rest of yous… Try and make it out to Cafe Du Nord. It’s a nice little venue, never too crowded. I only hope they fixed the audio this time around, so people actually sound like they’re singing and not just banging on the walls with trash can lids.


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