The Week Long Build Up.

If you’ve been greasing up your hair  long enough, you’ll know that your hair will get just right by the end of the week. And if this is your habit, you know you prefer to get your haircut either at the beginning of the week or the end, never in the middle.

Well, I gotta get a haircut today, so I gotta wash all of my grease out. So my hair might not be looking all that proper for New Years. But for those who don’t know, here’s some tips to get your hair lookin good.

The Build Up. This is the key to getting your hair looking good. Not just in sheen, but it also makes it a shit ton easier to comb your hair to your liking, or beyond your expectations.  The Build Up is what it’s all about fellas.

As we all know, there are a ton of different pomades out there. And it goes like this.

*Petrolatum based.
– Super Light Weight.
(Dax Super-Neat, Sweet Georgia Brown (purple,) Royal Crown.)
– Light Weight.
(Murray’s Super Light, Dax Short & Neat, Black & White.)
– Medium Weight.
(Dax Wave & Groom, Sweet Georgia Brown (blue.)
– Heavy Weight.
( S Curl, Murray’s Superior.)

* Water Soluble gel pomade.
(Suavacito, Layrite, Grant’s Golden Brand)

* Wax.
(Murray’s Beeswax, High Life.)

(*note: I’m just naming a few pomades, not all of em. So don’t feel bad if I left X pomade out.)

I’ve learned to use each and every pomade in a certain way. Light pomade won’t have hold like Murray’s Superior. But Murray’s Superior or a wax won’t have the sheen like a light pomade. So you gotta figure out how you want your hair. Sheen, no sheen, high, low, stiff, hard, etc etc.

If you put the wrong pomade as the base coat, it’ll make styling your hair a pain in the ass. (People will say otherwise, but they also don’t have nice  hair.) Say you use Sweet Georgia Brown (purple) as a basecoat, and S Curl on top. The S Curl will weigh your hair down, as it is a heavy pomade, and won’t make your hair malleable enough to pomp it right.

If you use a heavy pomade has the basecoat, it’ll coat your hair for the week ahead. Meaning, you won’t have to use a heavy pomade for the rest of the week. You can put on lighter pomades as the days go by, without having to use harsh heavy pomades like S Curl or Murray’s Superior. And since a lot of people think Murray’s will make your hair fall out, it’s nice to know a different way to use Murray’s, without the worry, right?

Now, with a heavy pomade as a base coat, what’s next?

Medium pomade like Dax or Sweet Georgia Brown (blue,) will give your hair the hold it needs to stay shaped. While it will also break down the heavy pomade, making it easier to shape your hair. And if it’s too hard for some of you… Well, there’s one more step.

The light pomades are like whipped cream. The topping for it all. And it should be used as such.

Now, you don’t want to cake on the light pomade, as it will soften your hair way too much. A dab will do you just right. Just coat the top ever so lightly, and put the rest on the sides. Not only will it make your hair a whole lot easier to shape, but it will also give you a great sheen, that some of the heavier pomades don’t have.

So, once you’ve gotten your first days worth of grease on, the rest of the week is a cake walk.

Say you greased up on Monday… Tuesday through Thursday, all you’ll need to do it just get your hair wet, and you’ll be able to style it as is. It’ll wash of some of the pomade, but not enough to make you unable to pomp. Buy Friday, you’ll probably just need a dab of a medium weight pomade, and you’re set. Your hair will be looking the best it’s ever looked.

Now, you’ve got The Build Up.

How do you feel? You feel greasy? Well, you should! Now’re a man. Go out and wreck the town. Speed around with the windows down and your music blowing. Do it, you deserved it. And you know what, your hair will stay in place!

And if you don’t believe me…

This was earlier today, when the wind was blowing like crazy. I think it was somewhere along the lines of 29mph winds? Yeah. My hair was staying put.

So for those who can’t get their hair to be just the way they want it… Try out my tips. It’ll get you lookin good. And the ladies will definitely notice.

So until then…

Pomp Hard.


8 responses to “The Week Long Build Up.

  1. Dude do you ever get breakouts from all that? Cause I did recently and it sucks.

    • Surprisingly, I never do.

      It’s probably genetics, as I’ve dealt with some pimples as teen, but I don’t break out from pomade. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but it hasn’t happened yet. *knocks on wood.*

      But I also shower every single day, and wash my forehead with face wash every other day or two. So in short, I also have good hygiene. Not saying you don’t, but just pointing out that I also don’t get all slob like, just because I leave grease in my hair.

  2. Damn fine blog, man!
    Question about greasing up each week: I have thick, very dry, really wavy/almost curly hair (especially when it gets long). I’ve been applying Murray’s (the only thing tame my beastly hair) at the start of each week, which has been working fairly well, but have found that when trying to rejuvenate my hair each morning, i.e. getting my hair wet or wet combing, I start to lose the hold and style I’m after and my hair starts to curl up (especially the sides). To remedy this, I try adding some Black and White to the top and the sides or even something heavier such as SGB Blue can, but I can never regain much control. This could be that my hair is getting too long for the pomade to control my waves, and that I just really need to get a hair cut. . . . but was wondering if you have any suggestions.
    Again, great great blog. Keep it up!

    • Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it!

      How many days do you apply the heavier stuff?

      What I usually do, is apply the heavy pomade say… Sunday – Wednesday. Lightly start to top-coat (for sheen) on Wednesday. Slowly build up with a medium weight pomade on Wednesday-Thursday. Come Friday, you just need a tad of a medium pomade, or even just a good wet combing. Let me know what you usually do, and I’m sure we can figure something out!

      – Jan

  3. Thank you Jan,

    I’ve been applying Murray’s Superior once at the beginning of the week, say Monday (it is strong stuff). It’s medium and light weight pomades after this initial application (SGB Blue to try to tame the sides and Black and White for sheen/topcoat). I guess I should try building up with the heavy stuff for a couple days at the start of the week instead of one day? Think I may need to get a bit more greasy!

    Do you wet you hair and towel dry each day before reapplication? Or just apply over the previous days coat?

    Again thanks for the help.

    • Kevin,

      I’d say go another day with the heavy stuff, then apply the medium/lightweight grease. It’ll give you a more firm, base coat.

      I hop in the shower everyday. I don’t shampoo my hair everyday, just to get it wet. I’ll have stray hairs, otherwise. Let it airdry, then apply pomade if needed.

      Hope this helps!

      – Jan

  4. Figured out my problems:

    1) Definitely needed another day with the heavy stuff in the beginning of the week (as you suggested) due to my hair type. This helped with the hold.
    2) When I was applying the medium pomades later in the week, I wasn’t really applying a normal, liberal amount. Instead, I was sort of using a very small amount of the pomade just to touch up the top and sides (thinking that wet combing my initial application of murrays would be sufficient) . This past week, using a liberal amount of the medium weight pomade really helped.

    The build up is key!

    • Glad you were able to figure it out Kevin.

      I’ve learned that, trying to build up too quickly, your hair won’t be malleable enough to do your hair perfectly.

      – Jan

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