Some events you might wanna check out.

With the new year ahead of us, there will be a shit ton of events to hit up. Car shows, small gigs, big gigs, whatever. There’s always something going down, here in the Bay Area.
I prefer to keep the events I go to semi local. IE, no further than San Francisco and no souther than San Jose. Why? Well. I drink. And I don’t feel like getting a ticket, and the drive home after a long night, is always a pain in the ass.

Here are a couple flyers for some events I plan on hitting up.

I plan on going here for New Years Eve. Why? I’ve been frequenting this for a while now. The crowd is cool, no random crack heads outside, and I most likely won’t have any punk ass hipsters trying to be tough. Oh yeah, THERE’S PARKING. So yeah, this should be a nice chill place to head out to, for New Years Eve.

Self explanitory. James Intveld. Elvis Birthday Tribute. Plain and simple.

I haven’t gone to anything in the South Bay. So why the hell not? Plus, I really like The Chop Tops. So might as well make it out to this event, right?


4 responses to “Some events you might wanna check out.

  1. Just got tattoo’d by the singer of the Motorpunx, wife is getting ink’d as I type. Maybe I will see you at the Chop Tops show.

  2. I got a Dear Daniel (male Hello Kitty) dress in cuffed jeans and a motorcycle jacket. I will keep an eye open for you.

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