Some New Wax.

Went on a long ass pomade hunt today. Guess where? Through the fuckin ghetto.

Didn’t get to find much, aside from the usual suspects. But it was cool to see Murray’s for $1.99, almost wanted to buy a shit ton just because.

Ended up picking up some of this.

Murray’s Black Beeswax. This shit would’ve been helpful as fuck when I had dreads. But let’s see how this shit works for pomps.

And if you don’t believe me that this shit is black…

Black as fuck.


One response to “Some New Wax.

  1. Hey; what about “normal” Murray’s beeswax, the tan-colored one?
    I have been using dax wave & groom for 10 years now but not for pompadour tho (but for quasi-spikes..). Now I found out about Murrays beeswax. How do these two compare?

    Thanks, Joe

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