A little early? Oh well.

I saw that my lady made a post about the new years and got some of her resolutions down. So why the hell not, huh?

Obviously, 2010 brought in a lot of change. I cut my dreads, got a drivers license (yeah, I’m 23 and JUST got a license. *reasoning at the later,) pomp’d hard, and blogged a little too much. Oh well, it was a fun year while it lasted.

For 2011, everyone hopes for better things to come. Here are some stuff I’m looking forward to.

– GETTING A FUCKING JOB. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “THIS FAGGOT DOESN’T HAVE A JOB?” Well, for one. I’ve been applying for several jobs for the last couple years, and had absolutely no luck whatsoever. I don’t understand it. And it’s been kicking my ass, HARD. So I’m hoping that I’ll meet some body at some rockabilly show, who needs someone strong. HEY SCOTT, OVER AT RETOX LOUNGE, HOW ABOUT YOU HIRE ME. Seriously. If anyone has a contact in the Bay Area, email it to me and I’ll bug the fuck out of them, until they fall into submission and hire me so they don’t have to talk to me, but just pay me. 

– VIVA LAS FUCKIN VEGAS. I missed the one last year, due to poor timing. But hey, we’re nearly set to go. Just gotta buy plane tickets and we’re there, baby!

– Save up for a Mustang, or any fuckin car, and work on it. I don’t know how to work on cars (but I can sure as hell work on a bicycle!) And I’m just waiting to get my own car, and work on it completely on my own. Well, as much as I can.
*I never had a license as a kid, as most people do, because 1) I didn’t care too much to drive. 2) I wasn’t a prissy kid, so commuting didn’t scare me none. But only now since I have a kid, does a license become a necessity. Plus, there’s no point in working on a car, if you can’t drive it yourself.

– Repaint/clear out my moms house. It’s been years since it’s been painted, and it definitely needs a good cleaning. A garage full of shit, is never a good look.

– Find some rare pomade. I’m on the never ending hunt for some rare pomade, and have a few people already keeping an eye out for me. And if that means cruisin through the ghetto for that good ol grease, then so be it. I’ll just be carrying more than 2 knives on me.

– Find some more rare rockabilly. There are tons of rockabilly artists, that have never been heard on the West Coast, and have only been heard in their local towns. And I’ll be on the hunt to find and expose them. New and old.

– Tattoos. I know, it’s a luxury thing, that you need a job for. But I seriously need to get another tattoo. Shit, even a single major one.

– JOG. I haven’t touched my bike in weeks, and  I need to get some fuckin exercise. I just need to JOG. Simple as that.

Of course, there is just so much that needs to be done, with so little time. But these are the few major ones I need to get done this year.

Now, what will you all do with your days on earth?

Freddy Frogs – Days On Earth


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