I know you’ve seen it…

ANYBODY who is into rockabilly, or thinks they’re into rockabilly, has seen the Peter Bjorn and John video with the leather clad clown crew in Yoyogi Park. I don’t care if you’re never on the internet, ever, I know you’ve seen it!

Now, as we, well… Most of us know, that is as close to the rockabilly scene in Japan, as Chris Brown is to Elvis Presley. Wait… Maybe I’m off on this one…

Say what?

Whatever, this post isn’t about that!

As I was saying. Those guys in Yoyogi Park, are not rockabilly or greasers. They’re just the typical Japan eccentrics who just love to over exaggerate and put on a show. Get it, got it, good.

Now… If you haven’t been living in a cave with the Easter Bunny, you know what “jerking” is. What is it exactly? Well, not much. It’s a dance craze that luckily has died down like the McRib hype. There is a song that some kids put outt, which shows you what jerking is. Youtube it, if you want, but it’s just gonna make you gassy.

The Peter Bjorn and John video… Pffft… Forget about that one. That’s yesterdays news.
Now, this is what the video should’ve been… Kiya, I know you’ll love this one!



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