Straight Scumbaggin’ It!

Most of America see’s greasers to be those leather clad clowns in Yoyogi Park in Japan. While I admire those guys for what they do, because they clearly do it cuz they love it (whatever the hell it is,) they are far from greasers. But hey, if that’s what hipsterbillies wanna think greasers are, be my guest.

And note, just because you have a pompadour, doesn’t mean you’re a greaser. It’s not just a look. It’s a lifestyle, an attitude, a point of view, and what they call, a backbone. And it’s not about starting fights, tight black jeans, or singing on top of some bleachers, so get it straight.

There ain’t no prissy shit goin’ on here. Too scared to get your jeans dirty or rip holes in em? Don’t wanna spill beer on your H&M flannels? Then you’re looking at the wrong blog, son. But if you need help finding blogs that might fit your prissy needs, I can show you the way.

This video is pretty fuckin awesome. Why? These dudes are straight up grimy and don’t give a fuck. And I’m not huge car buff, but these guys got some sweet rides, that they drive the fuck out of.

Check it out. Kids wanna know what “modern day greasers” look like and what they do, well. This pretty much sums up how they have themselves a ball. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I can’t allow myself to get that drunk anymore. But damn is it fun.

In short, just a whole lot of badassery goin’ on.

The owner of the video needs to change the title from Rockabilly to Greaser Party or some shit.


4 responses to “Straight Scumbaggin’ It!

  1. Caterpillarnut

    The Swedes have got it figured out.
    Check out this video of a 2009 hillclimb in Backamo Sweden; 90 percent of them are not screwing around. The originality and traditionality in the cars is really nice too. This fucking rat rod craze is stupider than a bus full of taylor swift fans.

  2. Caterpillarnut

    Stupid wordpress won’t let me link to youtube. Just punch in “Old Style Weekend 2009 Hillclimb, race #1 ” and it’s the first video up.

  3. Caterpillarnut

    Twice the replies, twice the egg on the face. Now I see what has happened.

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