Pomade Review: S Curl

Well, since Dax Super Neat was pretty self explanatory, there isn’t much use to keep using it every day. So, it’s time for one more pomade review! This time, I’m trying out Luster’s S Curl.

The packaging is pretty neat. It looks to be a whole lot more modern, based on the color choice. The blue tin with orange lettering and white trim is a nice touch. But really, when you see this, you don’t think it’s something the cool cats used back in the 40s and 50s. But it was heavily used in the 90s with hip hop artists. Go figure. They must also be Knicks fans.

Luster's S Curl

When you look at the color of pomade, and you see how dark it is, it’s usually a sign that you’re gonna be treading in some heavy shit. As soon as I took a look at the pomade, I knew it was gonna be like Murray’s. But boy, was I wrong!

If you guys can’t tell from my indentation in the pomade, in the tin, then you guys just do not understand. This shit, is THICK.  And I’m not talking Kim Kardashian thick, I’m talkin those broads they use to smother dudes. 400lbs plus thick.

Can you believe it? A pomade thicker and heavier than Murray’s Superior? I thought this stuff would’ve been a tad lighter. Fuck… Blew my mind! This stuff was harder to scoop out than High Life Heavy. And if you’ve read my past review on that, you’ll know how much I hated scooping that out! This stuff is intense.

With it being a lot heavier than Murray’s Superior, does it mean it’s just as greasy? Well kids, it’s not. Considering the weight of this pomade, it’s probably one of the least greasy pomades out there. Your hands won’t be greasy with this stuff. There is pretty much absolutely no sheen with this pomade.

The hold is pretty nice. Really heavy. This stuff is meant to straighten out wavy and curly hair. And guess what, it does just that. So you kids crying about your wavy hair, get some of this and it’ll straighten you out. No pun intended.

The hold for me, was a little TOO intense. I had to use a blow dryer to soften this stuff… But that hardly put a dent in this stuff! The blow dryer literally did not dent this stuff! It was a little hard when I put it on and combed through, and after a good blow drying, you’d think this stuff would’ve melted. NOPE. And I couldn’t leave the house with helmet head. So what did I do?

A little bit of Dax Super-Neat did the trick! Just a couple of dabs of it really softened this stuff up, making it a shit ton easier to work with. And here’s the end result.

Don’t worry, I fixed that hole right after.

Not too shabby. The lack of sheen is kind of a let down. But you can’t have everything, right?

The combination of both Dax Super-Neat and Luster’s S Curl is a nice one. For those who want high pomps, this is your combo. The lightness of the Super-Neat mixed with the stiffness of the S Curl will help give you a nice high pomp, without any extra weight holding you down. Definitely a combo I recommend.


19 responses to “Pomade Review: S Curl

  1. There’s two of us on the show. Before I shaved my head, I used to use Murray’s/Lucky 13’s Devil Deluxe Medium Pomade, and the other guy uses Cock Grease Pomade. Have you tried either of those? Any opinion on them?

    • I haven’t used either or. But I’ve heard good things about both of em.

      Rachelle who runs Nor-Cal Rockabilly, her husband uses Cock Grease, I believe, and likes it.

      And I’ve heard that the Murray’s brand Lucky 13 smells really good from a lady. So I can only imagine what kind of attention that kind of pomade gets.

      I’ve been meaning to try out both, since I found a semi local stockist that carries em, but I haven’t made a trip out there to pick some up. I’ll probably get those two and different Cool Grease, in January.

      But how did you like the medium hold Lucky 13? I don’t want to try out a medium hold, to find it to be a little too light for my hair. Which is what happened when I tried out the medium weight Cool Grease.

      BTW, I’m looking forward to see where your tumblr is heading.

  2. Enjoy your reviews and what not man. Straight up and to the point haha. Do you ever use the classics like Brylcreem or Royal Crown for shine and stuff?
    You should post a video sometime of your pomp.

    • Hey Alex,

      Thanks for the kind words. Straight to the point is what it’s all about. Don’t need to get all poetic and shit for blogging!

      I don’t have Brylcreem, but my friend does and doesn’t like the smell. Which is understandable, since it’s a classic smell that the old timers are used to. But in this day and age, bitches love vanilla. Artificially scented pomades will always turn heads than petroleum smelling pomades. Why? Because people don’t wanna be told “You smell like my uncle.” Then when you see said uncle… Eh… Not a good look.

      I have Royal Crown and it has an amazing sheen. I haven’t been using it lately, because well… The scent. Sweet Georgia Brown in the purple tin is a lot like Royal Crown, but the scent gets favored by my lady.

      And I do plan on making a video, but at the moment I am sick, and I’ll sound like a nasaly, 12 year old boy hitting puberty. Not a good look for a first how-to video.

  3. Caterpillarnut

    Is it as chunky as High Life when it’s applied?

    • It’s not chunky as High Life, but it doesn’t spread out as evenly as say Dax Wave and Groom or Sweet Georgia Brown (blue can.)

      This stuff wasn’t easy to soften up with just my palms, hence my use of a blow dryer. Shows how heavy this shit really is.


      But, just like High Life, if you take a shower the next day, S Curl will clump up in your hair, just like High Life does.

      Both High Life and S Curl are definitely two products you need a blow dryer to soften them up, both before applying and after.

  4. I stumbled onto your blog and, I must say, is not only informative but useful. I’m hispanic and have thick semi-wavy hair and transitioning from mohawk to a pomp. I’ve tried Layrite and found it to be okay but doesn’t “pull” my hair up like I’d like to achieve more volume. I tried Lucky Tiger and it pretty much sucks. Flat. How do you think this would do on thick, stubborn hair? How’s the scent? Do I have to cut it with the Dax to get that sheen? And, last question, what is the best product you’d recommend for hair like mine? I want that volume but the damn wave in my hair won’t allow for better flow(and smell is very important to me, too). Thanks!

    • Hey Jerry,

      I have thick wavy hair as well, probably not as thick as yours, but still a pain in the ass! I haven’t tried Lucky Tiger, so I can’t share any views on it.

      The trick to thick wavy hair, is that some people think that you need a thick and heavy pomade to style it up and get the waviness out. Which doesn’t work. Heavy pomades like Murray’s Superior or S-Curl, will actually end up keeping your hair wavy. Not soo much as a light pomade would, but still rather wavy.

      What I’ve figured out that helps, is using a little bit of a heavy pomade with a medium weight pomade. It gives you just the right amount of hold to help straighten out the waves, yet still malleable enough to style it up properly. My combo a combo my friend used, was Dax Wave & Groom with some Murray’s Superior.

      If you don’t mind that sort of scent, petrolatum-ish, you’re set with that. If you want to add in some artificial scents, you could always do a very light coat of whatever light pomade you like, which will give it more sheen and the scent you prefer.

      Hope this helps man.

      – Jan

  5. Good looking out! I’m new to the pomp game and I want to do it right. I guess to be more straightforward, I really value your recommendation, so, with that being said: What is the all time best product(s) (combo–if needed) I should go with? I was thinking S Curl with something else added in (as in your reply) but if they’re something better, please let me know. Good thing your blogging on this, we men take our shit serious. Ha!

    • Some staples I think anyone should have, especiall with thick and wavy hair, are these:

      – Dax Wave & Groom. It’s lighter than Murray’s Superior, but has one hell of a hold and some decent sheen.
      – Sweet Georiga Brown in either red or blue tin. The blue tin has the stronger hold, but the red tin is just very malleable. Both are a win win.
      – Black & White. There’s just something about it, that really does my hair justice. I prefer to use it after a few days of build up, and it’s just easy street from then on. It’s definitely a pomade that helps you get more volume.
      – Blue Magic. Now, I’ve just gotten this stuff and only been using it as a top coat. But man, I love it. It doesn’t break up the thicker pomades as much as some of the other light weight stuff does, and that’s always a good thing. I’ll be doing a little review on it soon.

      On top of it all, those are all relatively easy to get. Sweet Georgia Brown you’ll have to order online, and a lot of shops got em. Black & White will take a decent amount of google searching for.

      But definitely look into a few of those. They all mix and match relatively well and should do you right.

      – Jan

  6. Doin’ it! You’re on point, man!

  7. you should try out 360 waves by s curl, it has a different texture and is a lot lighter than the other stuff.

  8. I love this pomade. The texture is great, reminded me of Murray’s and that caramel smell is great. Fantasitc hold and easy to use. Along with Murray’s, Red Dax and Lil’ Red Rooster this is a pomade I would use time and time again.

  9. Jan
    Both are good but I do prefer Rooster, more like a wax whereas Goldmine feels like a cream, but once applied it sets hard.
    As for S-Curl, it just brilliant, and it cost me next to nothing from London. Currently using Murray’s and may move back to S-Curl next week, they are both so similar.

  10. Hey Jan,

    I know in the past you have suggested S-Curl 360 for those cats looking for something a little easier to wash out. I gave it a try and found it gave decent hold and shine, but wasn’t a fan of the smell. Plus while it was slightly easier to wash out. I found I still had to use Wave n
    Groom, and comb it out. I recently stumbled across Sportin Waves gel style pomade. I found it to be simular in hold and shine as 360. Sent is slightly better. But, where this stuff shines is its ease of washing out. 2 washes is normally enough. Sometimes. a 3rd is needed. Oh and don’t let the “gel” style confuse you. There doesn’t seem to. he anything gel about it.
    You might wanna give it a look when you get a chance. I’d be very interested in reading ur take on it. Keep up the good work, and keep it greasy. On a side note since you seem to be into old school barbering… have you ever thought about shaving with a straight razor. I have recently entered the realm of the straight razor, and have found it very enjoyable. Might wanna check it out.

    • I’ve tried it but don’t find them to be similar. My hair doesn’t hold well with the Sportin’ Waves as it did with 360 Styles.

      I do shave with a straight razor and love it. But, I use ones barbers use (with disposable blades) as I haven’t settled on a fixed blade razor… yet…

      – Jan

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