Pomade Review: Dax Super-Neat

Well folks, the time has come to review more pomades. With U.O. now carrying Murray’s, maybe some of these pomades will become a little more readily available. Let’s just hope not. The fact that some of these pomades are harder to get than others, makes the hunt that much more worth it. And hey, you don’t want everyone to be walking around with badass hair like you, right?

After buying various pomades, I said why not start with the Dax Super-Neat?

Supposedly, it’s one of their newer creations. This time, touching the water-soluble market. Sweet Georgia Brown said the same thing, but their purple tin doesn’t wash out with just water. Let’s see how this one holds up…

Dax Super-Neat

For me, I love the fact that different pomades come in different colored tins. It makes your collection look super diverse. Plus, when you see a different colored tin on the shelf, you know you HAVE to check it out. 
The tin says “HAIR CREME.” But the consistency is definitely not a creme. It’s very much so a very light, wispy pomade. Not thick, pretty easy to scoop out, and has a pretty good smell to it as well.

Does it remind you of anything?Right off the bat, I knew this wasn't gonna be like the purple tin Sweet Georgia Brown, which is a little more petroleum like. This one is very much so like Black & White Pomade by Pluko. The smell isn't as rich, but it sure as hell smells good. Don't mind the coke nail, it's that time of the month to get my sweet drain from pomade!Since it's quote end quote, "water rinseable," it should wash right off my hands, with just water, right? Well ladies and gents, it does just that. Most pomades don't wash off your hands all that easily. Even water based products like Grant's and Layrite. Why? Because they have a really solid hold. Which is why it sticks to your hands, even if you try washing it off with just water. (which isn't a bad thing.)Well, since this stuff washes off really easily with just water... How's the hold?Comparatively, this pomade is close to Black & White. But, Black & White isn't a water washable pomade, so that's where things get a little different. Dax Super-Neat has nearly the same consistency as Black & White, but is a little lighter but a hair. Which is why it's water rinseable. So for those who can't for the life of them find any Black & White within the U.S., I'd definitely say this is the way to go. As I said, the hold is a little lighter than Black & White, so you'll need to use a pretty decent amount of this stuff. I use a lot of Black & White for my pomps, and this stuff wasn't any different.Where's the rest of ya???

 ^Not sure how that fucked up.

Yeah, I had to use a lot. Not sure if y’all can tell, but I used a pretty hefty amount of pomade. Stand alone, this stuff needs to be caked on. It’s hold isn’t too great for people with thick wavy hair like me. Well, after all, Dax IS made for people with shorter hair.
But hey, it’s a shit ton cheaper than Black & White, plus a little more readily available. You can find it within the U.S. online and at some stores. But definitely a pomade you have to search for.

Here’s the not so end result. I ended up playing with my hair a little bit, which made the pomp fall down a bit. So I ended up going for a slick part. Had I left it alone, it might’ve stayed up and looked sweet.

Not too bad, right? Probably will suit those with finer, shorter hair.

Over all, I like the pomade. I think it’s a decent alternative to Black & White, plus it’s cheap. It has a really nice sheen to it, which is always a plus. I personally think it’s best used as a top coat or for those who want a slicked back look. 
But I also think it would be good to be used as a base coat.  Meaning, put this stuff on first, before putting on the heavier stuff. With it being washable, it should coat your hairs first, making it a little easier to lift off all that heavier grease. Another little tip for ya!

With the rain coming down right now, we’ll see how water washable this stuff actually is! Then I’ll have a bad hair day!

But until then,

Pomp Hard.


7 responses to “Pomade Review: Dax Super-Neat

  1. Just picked up some super-neat based on this review. Really great stuff.

    I rock a very short pomp and this stuff holds it up pretty well. Previously I was using Krew Komb and I like super-neat a bit more.

    • Hey Hank,

      Glad I could help! It’s one of my favorites and recently picked up a second tin, as I was running low.

      Definitely great for lower profiled pomps.

      – Jan

  2. Hello Jan,
    I rock a Jimmy Darmody hair-style ( 1920’s undercut, with long, slicked back top) And since i am quite new to the grease world, i gone for the ultra classic (and easier to find, where i live) Murray’s Superior.
    My hair is very thin and straight, so i am looking for something with a lighter hold and greasiness than Murray’s, I tried Brylcreem too, but that didn’t did the trick. I’m really going for a Jimmy kind of thing,since his hair falls often, i figured he might use really light stuff.What do you think about that? Which one would you reccomend me? Is Super-Neat better than the Short and Neat for my case?
    Ps. Forgive my bad English.
    Thanks, and Rock Hard.

    • Hey Thalys,

      If you look at his Pitts’ hair, you’ll see that it’s not all that greasy. So light pomades, while they will do the trick, would be too greasy and have too much sheen, to fully achieve that look.

      You’d need a medium pomade, that falls on the lighter end of the spectrum. You’ll get enough hold and greasy sheen.

      I’d say check out Black & White or Hairgum. Amazing products, that would do that hairstyle justice.

      Short & Neat falls under the light pomade category, which is VERY greasy.

      Super-Neat is sort of a wet-cream, which gives a good amount of sheen, but not as much as Short & Neat. If you want something with more sheen than B&W or Hairgum, this could be the way to go.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  3. Hello Jan,
    Firstly, thanks for the reply, it was really helpfull, your whole blog rocks!
    Secondly, I have another doubt concerning hair.

    My hair is a bit uneven, like, one part of it located on the left side is slightly bigger than the right part. When I try to comb it all straight back, that part keeps cracking open, and I can’t figure a way of solving that.

    Do you think that I need to even my hair up in a barber? Beause I moved recently and I can only find unissex hairdressers, and I am not really comfortable in handing my hair to them…

    I tried to cake some pomade in that area, it works for a time, but later, it’s split again. I’m starting to think that is happening because it’s the natural part of my hair, do you think so?

    Thank you, and rock hard!

    • Thalys,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Hopefully you had this situation fixed, but for future reference…

      After your haircut, take the time to see where your hair levels out. Barbers will go by your temples, ears, nose, and eyes. So after your haircut, when they comb your hair so they, themselves, can see if it’s straight, check as well. Because they’re looking at your hair from a higher angle, and not straight on.

      Also, everyone isn’t symmetrical. So that asymmetry to your face, may actually be why your hair doesn’t seem to be even, from a personal standpoint, but is when it comes to barber technicalities.

      I’ve dealt with this problem numerous times. So really make sure your barber knows exactly what you want: pre-styled hair, styled hair, grown out for a week or two, etc. It’s pretty complicated, but once you work out a good “relationship” with your barber, it’ll be a breeze.

      Sorry again for the late reply, I hope this helps.

      – Jan

  4. Hey Jan,
    I really like super neat. What i tend to do with it, is comb a small amount through my hair giving it a nice even coating, then go over the top with something heavier (murrays is my usual go-to pomade). i find this makes the heavier pomade go through more evenly and it makes it heaps easier to wash out.


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