Here’s some awkwardness for ya’ll to enjoy…

I’m sure most of the people who frequent this site, probably do not watch tv. Let alone, watching MTV. The last time MTV was socially acceptable was when Kurt Cobain and Tupac were alive. Think about it. Care to deny that? Yeah…

Well, MTV manages to grab viewers with faux-reality shows like The Real World, Jersey Shore, and some other junk they show. But they do have some entertaining enough shows, well… Show.

Bully Beatdown is pretty entertaining. Whether it’s scripted or not, it’s pretty damn entertaining to see someone get “beat up” or spar with a pro. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing someone get hit in the head, with a foot?

Click this link to see some awkwardness!

On this season of Bully Beatdown, there happened to be a “greaser” bully. They show him scooping a shit ton of Murray’s out of the tin, but his hair ain’t even greasy! The car and truck fellas should enjoy seeing the cars in the background. But can’t say there’s much going on with this kid.

I haven’t seen the actual episode, but you can bet that the guy most likely isn’t tough enough to win. Also enjoy the Grease comments and what not. MTV loyalists are still years behind.

Edit 12/24/2010: Sorry the link doesn’t work folks!


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