Gotta love the holiday season…

Regardless of your religion, gender, ethnicity, or income, the holiday season is a time of giving and sharing. Whether it’s a moment, a laugh, or a gift, it’s time spent with those you care about. Enough of this sappy shit.

My lady has been begging to know what I wanted for Christmas. I’m sort of hard to shop for, as I have a lot of interests. She wanted to get me an XBOX 360 (don’t really need it,) a ring, jeans, boots, something. But in the back of my head, I knew there was one thing she could get me. And it’s something I just can’t say no to.

There story goes… Back in October, we went to SF to celebrate our one year together. We happened to spend some of the day on Haight, and went thrifting about. We stopped by one shop that specializes in vintage gear. I was originally hoping to find a Schott Perfecto (which I found a couple of weeks later.) But then some beautiful leather caught my eye…

It happened to be a brown leather Schott A-2 with a removable collar and vest lining. Now, I already had an A-2, but it was ill fitting. It was a size too small, but it looked good when I wore it unzipped. But this thing, god. First of all, IT’S SCHOTT! And now any of you have seen a perfecto jacket, and has seen a SCHOTT Perfecto jacket, you know the quality of leather is a whole ‘nother level of difference. And this A-2, compared to my old one, makes mine look like it was made of paper.

It was a choice of a celebratory dinner she planned, or the jacket. And as the nice boyfriend I am, the jacket had to stay behind. And for the next few months, I was dying to see it again.

And now today, we went up to the shop in high hopes that the jacket was still there. And as I rolled up to the two racks that had jackets on them, it was no where to be found. Then she called me from the back of the store, pointing to a mannequin. And low and behind, a leather A-2 with a fur collar. Now, I was skeptical, as it could’ve been a different one, maybe a non Schott jacket. But as soon as I opened the jacket, boom… It was it.

And now, IT’S MINE!

Sorry folks, I know my images are now super small (pre-resized with an app.) But damn, look at that jacket…  I can’t wait to wear it. The weather has been shifty, so I might wear it while the sun is peeking over a cloud. I don’t care, this jacket is awesome.

Just a thing of beauty. Both are from the 80s, so that’s a nice collection right there. Damn, look at those leathers…

 I don’t know how to end this post…

But definitely a big thanks to my lady. She’s tolerated me for over a year, and has given me one thing next to a first born son…

Schott leather… GODBLESS AMERICA.


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