From toy hunting…

… to pomade hunting.

Tis the season where everyone is out and about, wasting money because they’re told they’re supposed to. Unfortunately for me, I’m broke as hell, so I can’t go around spending money like whoa. But when I see something I just have to have, I will spend!

Word from Dan was that there was a shop in the Filmore District of SF, that had the Dax purple can and the black Royal Crown stick. So of course, I went huntin’! But he didn’t tell me specifically which part of town, so we had to wander about.

The one thing I love about the Filmore District of San Francisco, is how the entire area just embraces jazz. Everything around you is jazz jazz jazz… It’s definitely one spot people need to hit up, when in SF. But don’t forget, Japantown is right down the block! So with Japantown meeting the jazzy Filmore District, what do you get? YOSHIS!

This place is chalk full of photographs of old jazz musicicians and musicians alike. You can go in and get a bite to eat, listen to some cool jazz, and learn about the backbone of jazz culture, all in one spot! Pretty fuckin cool, if you ask me.


I started to give up on my search, dropping in a few random liquor stores and Korean markets, when I remembered the barbershop that sat next to where Harputs used to be. (Fuck, don’t get me started on Harputs!) I asked the guy if he sold any pomade, (which he was out of,) so he pointed out where the location of the shop was. A hip skip hop and bop away and we were there!

The ladies there were more than helpful, which is always a good thing. They had a ton of pomade. Not too many different brands… But the different labels.

From Murray’s Superior, Super Light, Nu-Nile and Beeswax line, to pretty much all of Dax’s various pomades and lanolins. And hey, if you love pomade as much as I do, it was fun to check out the consistency and scent of each tin.

Picked out the few that I wanted, and I was set. It was tough not buying multiples of each one, but hey… They’re just down the street aka the freeway 101 North, so it’s no biggie. But damn was it tempting!

I decided to get:

– Murray’s Super Light, since no Walgreens or CVS near me has it.
– Luster’s S Curl, since it was different.
– Dax Super-Neart + Dax Short and Neat. I’ve been meaning to order the purple can for a while, but never got around to it. So since it was in person, why the hell  not! And the blue can just smelt really fuckin good.
– Royal Crown Stick Pomade, to hopefully help me justify the Royal Crown Hairdressing.
– And of course the cute little tin of Murray’s Superior…

I mean…

I MEAN, LOOK AT IT! It’s pretty fuckin neat. At times, I’ll carry some extra pomade on me. But the little plastic jar I have, is too fat and sticks out a little to funky like, in my back pocket. This little tin, is PERFECT. I might go grab one more, so I can keep one with the original Murray’s logo, and strip the other one down to bare. We’ll see…

Now with all of these pomades, I’ll have my hands and hair full for the next couple of months. But do not fret, I am still searching for many other pomades, and plan on ordering from various sites within the new year.

Until then,

Pomp hard.


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