My Pomp

The other day I decided to try and do it a little more natural/50s looking. Let the waves roll in! Not too bad, especially since I have thick wavy hair. Most people complain about that, but look at what my hair can do! Not too bad, right?
Using Black and White Pomade.

Also hoping that my photos automatically resize in my Photobucket. Is it taking up the whole space of the page???


3 responses to “My Pomp

  1. Caterpillarnut

    Not bad at all. I suppose if you can’t fight ’em, use ’em to your advantage.

  2. That looks really good! In fact, it looks fantastic!
    Dig this…try combing both sides the same way, and kinda splitting the pomp down the middle, but combing the sides up and over each other. You get a cool center-line type pomp, where the front kind of “over hangs” the forehead. I do mine that way and it looks great! Would love to post a photo on here if possible. The Pompadour rocks and the Pomp is the King of Hairstyles for men! It’s never, ever out of style and it’s a cool and classic look!

    I’d just like to say that after finding this website, for the heck of it, I got up from my desk and walked into my bathroom, broke out the hair-gel and combed out a pomp for the first time in my life. Since that day, I haven’t looked back since! That was about 2 or 3 months ago. I’ve always had long ass hair, but work at a conservative day job. Well I’m just not into that super short “high and tight” look. So for me, the pompadour was and is the perfect solution! Not to mention, it looks cool as hell! I’m still experimenting between gels and pomades. Sometimes mixing a little bit of both. I love the Layrite Super Hold, but wish the scent wasn’t so strong; when wearing cologne, it tends to clash.

    Could you please kindly suggest a good water-soluble pomade, that isn’t scented?

    Thanks for this awesome website! It literally helped me to re-think my entire look…both hair and clothes. Rock on Rebel Rouser!

    • Hey Mark,

      Sorry for such a late reply.

      Glad you dig the blog and the pompadour! It is indeed the King Of Hairstyles!

      As far as water-soluble pomades that aren’t scented, I can’t name any. The ones with subtle scents are Lone Star and Cock Grease XXX (which while still subtle, has a relatively unpleasant scent.)

      – Jan

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