Sometimes, the old rockabillies weren’t all that creative…

Not just with what they sang about and what not. But sometimes the actual guitar riffs, instrumentals, and hell… even the tempo of the singing and set up. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. But damn fellas, you could’ve changed it up a bit!
Here are a couple of songs that are just a little too similar.

Bobby Wall/Bracey Everett – Lovers Curse

Bobby Wall/Bracey Everett – Baby It’s Too Much

Of course with these two, the video/audio quaility is different, so to some of you it’ll sound different. Aside from the lyrics. But trust me… Baby it’s too similar. (ZING)

Here’s a couple more.

Conway Twitty – Long Black Train

Elvis Presley – Mystery Train

Ok. Trains. Similar enough. But you know what… Well, you guys SHOULD be able to hear the similarities.

That’s the couple of songs I got for ya’ll, for now. Don’t worry, there are a whole lot more than that!


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