Something You Guys and Gals Definitely Don’t Wanna Miss.

Unfortunately for the most of us, we will be missing it!

Here’s a video of Kelly Miltier visiting the Virginia Historical Society Museum. They currently have a major Rockabilly exhibit going on right now. But here’s the catch… 1) It’s in Virginia! 2) It ends this  Sunday!

So if any of you lucky cats out in Virginia read this, HEAD ON OUT THERE RIGHT NOW AND GET SOME HISTORY IN YA! You’ll regret it, if you don’t!

And for the rest of ya, call up your friends and family in the area, have them buy an iPhone 4, and boost up that video chat shit and have them take you on a tour! You know you wanna!

The exhibit not only has the major figures in Rockabilly, but also the lesser/unkown local Virginian rockabillies. Definitely something you guys NEED to check out! Who ever gets the chance to check it out, will find some “new” music the most of us have never heard before!

You guys and gals have until this Sunday. DON’T MISS OUT on the The History of Rockabilly in the Commonwealth Exhibit!


4 responses to “Something You Guys and Gals Definitely Don’t Wanna Miss.

  1. Caterpillarnut

    Damnit, someone better get some kind of list of all the artists featured in that exhibit! I’m always interested in discovering some obscure, off-the-wall rockabilly. The little-known guys put out some bombs, that’s for sure, bu there’s some serious gold to be found as well.

    • I know, right!?

      Each time they briefly zoomed in on a placard, I hoped to find some random name or song title.

      Lately I’ve been hunting down a lot of the unknown rockabillies from all over. Idaho, Ohio, all over. Unfortunately, I can’t upload any of the stuff I have! Definitely a bummer, since I found some amazing tracks!

      Hopefully a list pops up soon. And as soon as I find it, I will be posting!

  2. Your in luck…I’m the guy who filmed and made that video…got the cateloge right here…with a nice list in it…got an email? Paul

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