And there wasn’t much alcohol involved!

The weekend for me, started on Friday night.

We headed up to Retox Lounge, not just because it was Rockabilly Fridays. But also since it was Kiyas wife’s birthday. And as I guessed it to be. It seems that every other Friday just seems to have the maximum amount of rockabilly folk, than the other weeks. And it’s true! The usual rockabilly crowd at Retox were not in attendance, and most likely will be there this week. Either way, the place was pretty packed, with the party folk and all. All in all, a good night.

Seriously, someone motivate me to take more pictures with my actual camera. I brought it out, and didn’t even pull it out for a second.

Saw an old lady driving around in a mint condition ’66-’67 Mustang… I gotta see if she wants to sell that!

Such a beauty... The car, not the old lady...

 Unless she was a looker when she was young.

Saturday wasn’t easy going either. Up at 8, and out the door all day long. A whole lot of driving that day. Had to swing by my niece’s house in San Jose to drop off a bike. And the day just didn’t seem to end.

Sunday, was the longest day.

Luckily, it was a productive day.

A friend and I had to help my lady’s dad move. Meaning we were gonna do some man shit! Moving around book cases, shelves, beds, furniture, and all that shit was gonna be a pain in the ass. And guess what, IT WAS. Not to mention, we were up by 7, out by 7:30… COFFEE TIME.

Spotted a pink Thunderbird for sale. Pretty fuckin awesome.

As we get to moving stuff inside the U-Haul, we found something pretty fuckin weird…

You kidding me? TEETH?  WHERE’D THE REST GO? Did the people who rented this U-Haul take the teeth they needed? Where ever the hell those teeth went, I just hope they’re not in the bottom of my shoe!

After moving all the stuff into the truck, off to Point Richmond we go!

I just wanted a reason to upload a video to Youtube.

Without looking at my hand, here it is.

Tommy Roe – Caveman.

When we got up to Point Richmond, it was almost like walking back in time. This place has a whole lot of cool spots. Very small town. The gloomy weather and the weathered houses sort of made this place kind of creepy. But it was a pretty nice town. Except for some creeper who came up laughing and repeating “good luck”, while we were trying to move a heavy couch up across a fence, through a narrow stairway. Yeah. Shit was creepy as hell.

But after all of the hardwork, we were done! Didn’t take as long as we thought it would. And what fills up an empty stomach better than some Mexican food??? Maybe some beer.

As he was leading us out from his narrow 1 car, yet, 2 way street, I see us going up this crazy steep hill. And you can’t see if a car is ready to come down it! But as soon as I hit the top…

A crazy ass view!

That was pretty awesome to see. I just had to stop and take a picture. It was a pretty awesome view, after going up a creepy steep narrow hill.

The drive to Picante was difficult. Not because of any of these 2 way, 1 car streets. But because people in Berkeley just drive like fuckin assholes! Like seriously, I’m at a 2 way stop, waiting for cross traffic to pass, and some dude tries to go around me! FUCK THAT! I slowed my ass down as soon as I got infront of him, and made a slow ass left turn. I know you fuckers are Hippies and all, but fuck… SINCE WHEN THE FUCK WERE HIPPIES IN A GODDAMN HURRY IN A MAZDA???

Aside from ass the assholes up in Berkeley, Picante was pretty good. Had a Chorizo y Papas burrito. And I have to say, that kept me until around 11 at night. That was one filling burrito.

Long ass fucking day. Didn’t end up getting home until around 10 or so!

All in all, another great weekend. But with good, also comes the bad. In this case, sad.

Since my lady and her dad moved out of their old house, their cat of 13 years has no place to go. It’s a cute cat really. Unfortunately, I have crazy allergies, and could not house a pet. As much as I like her, I can’t be around her for more than a few minutes. She’s an old Munchkin house cat, that needs a good home. She’s very friendly, yet at the same time, very shy. As most cats are who have lived on their own, they are territorial. She’s completely an indoor cat, not an outdoor cat in anyway. She’s litter boxed trained and all. It’s sad to know that she’s not anywhere my lady can see her.

So if anyone in the Bay Area can, or knows someone who can take her in, please let me know.


Thanks for reading.


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