Hilarious Sears Ads.

Thanks to a MisterGrey, from a forum I’m on.

He found some old Sears catalog ads, that would be quite questionable today. There are tons of areas in America today, that still have these views. But hey, doesn’t mean that these ads aren’t funny!

Gotta start em early!And what better way to start a young boys journey to becoming a man, than giving him a Gillette Razor! I mean, I didn't start shaving until I was about 14. But maybe, just maybe, if I had started when I was a baby, I'd have a beard! Or at least some scars to use as an excuse as to why I can't grow one.One of these boys are not like the other!

If you guessed the blonde, YOU ARE CORRECT!

As the old saying goes...

“Two’s a party and three’s a crowd! ”

And where is that, exactly?

Someplace where laminated floors stay warm enough to lay naked on, that’s where! I’d be there too! ‘Cept I don’t think I’d lay on it naked. It would be like running into a clown in a forest. Sure, it would be kind of funny. But not something you’d wanna see.

Because if you wear a shirt and tie in bed...

You must be the Prince of Wales. And I wouldn’t put it past them, to have blondes serve them tea in bed. While wearing an oxford and tie.

This ad pretty much says...

Red heads like it rough.