Well on that note…

Last night I made a post about my weak spot, going out with no pomade in my hair. So what does one do with his pompadour, when it rains? Does he not grease up and wear hats, hoods, and beanies all winter?


That’s exactly what I do!

With the rain, sprinkles or mist in the air, you can’t use a water based pomade such as Grant’s or Layrite. They’ll just wash right out, and you’d have that stuff all over your clothes. And as good as these products smell, you don’t wanna have any of it on your shirt. It’s just weird.
And you can’t exactly be rockin’ the greasiest shit in your hair either. Or else that’ll just drip out in the rain, all over your face. And you all know what that would look like… And if you don’t know what it looks like, someone around you sure as hell will let you know… *

There are three pomades I swear by for the rainy season. I haven’t had them drip on my face when it was raining. I still kept a good sheen, which is always a plus. And my pomp held up, just as well as how it was when I left the house.

Sweet Georgia Brown in both the purple and blue can, and Dax Wave & Groom. Yes, I found a use for the purple Sweet Georgia Brown tin.

Not a whole lot of mixing goes on around here. Just a few simple dabs here and there. Well, maybe more than just dabs.

What I do is pretty simple…

First, I’ll apply some Dax on the top, and a little bit on the sides. Mainly on the top, for the hold for the pomp. The bit on the sides will help hold the hair back. Slick that through. Then I’ll put some Sweet Georgia Brown (purple can) on the sides and back. That’ll give you that sheen you want for the sides and back. And I know that it’s supposed to be the washable version… but guess what, it doesn’t wash out all that easily. So you’re safe. Then I’ll comb it all back. And just for a little bit of extra hold, I’ll put a little bit of Sweet Georgia Brown (blue can) on the front. Just in case. But I’ll usually just stick to the Dax and Sweet Georgia Brown (p.)

Pretty simple, right? Now all you gotta do is slick it up, style it up, and get some broads! And if you don’t get any attention for having good hair on rainy days, then you’re doing something wrong! Very wrong!

Well, that’s it for now. Some quick and easy tips to have good hair, on those rainy days when everyone else will look like a hobo.

So until the next time.

Pomp Hard.


One response to “Well on that note…

  1. I use a combination of Blue Sweet Georgia Brown and Red Dax every day, I have extremely thick curly hair and it manages to hold it almost perfectly without too much recombing for a whole day. I suppose the advantage of living in the UK is that the cold weather means the Dax has a really strong hold all day!

    I have my hair really short at the sides with a side parting and decent sized pomp at the front (with it’s own slight wave).

    Your reviews and the blog are brilliant!

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