Weak Spots.

Some of my vulnerable moments are when I either:

a) Don’t have any pomade in my hair, because I’m washing it out for a haircut.
b) My pomp ain’t lookin’ right.

Yeah, pretty vain. But guess what. Who isn’t? If you’re dressing yourself in different articles of clothing every single day, putting product in your hair, making sure your shoe laces are tied, you’re vain to a certain extent. Some, more so than others, but who am I to judge? DON’T JUDGE ME! Just kidding, go ahead.


I got myself a haircut today. And that means, cutting out the pomade from my hair for the last couple of days. Meaning, my hair wasn’t looking that great!

So here’s a treat for anyone who cares. Here’s a picture of my hair, with absolutely no product in it whatsoever. Not even any water to shape it. When my hair isn’t done, it looks a whole lot like Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell. No, not during his high school years… But the college years…

Luckily, my hair doesn’t look exactly like this in my picture. But hey, it’s not far from it…

Trust me… It looked a whole lot like that. As he was combing my hair after blow drying it, I swear I looked like a 90s hair model… Just not so pretty.

But this didn’t last long! In goes the Dax!

A little rough, but I was in a hurry and didn’t wanna cake on the pomade just yet. But hey, it got the job done!

Well folks, there you have it. Me without any pomade in my hair, whatsoever… Aka, a very weak spot for me. I just can’t leave the house without any pomade in my hair! It’s a very uncomfortable feeling.


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