First time getting 300 views today. It’s nothing compared to some blogs out there… But, I’m happy.


7 responses to “300

  1. well, you have a sweet blog. 🙂
    Btw… Have you ever tried “tres flores molding pomade”.

    It’s almost inpossible to get here in Sweden, but I found this store in germany that might be able to ship it.
    Just wanted to know your thoughts on it if you’ve tried it, before I order. 😉


    • Hey. Thanks for the kind words.

      I have heard of Tres Flores, but I haven’t tried it. From what I’ve heard, for a lack of better words, is that it “sucks.” When I took a look at it, it didn’t have any good qualities that I was looking for. Meaning, it didn’t seem like it would be strong enough to hold a pompadour.
      Unless you caked it on of course, and used a wide toothed comb to form it and shape it, so you don’t comb out all of the pomade.
      But apparently it smells ok!

      What kind of pomade are you looking for? What hairstyle?

  2. Well, what I’m looking for really is a pomade that washes out and is cheaper than the stuff i use now.
    I rock a pompadour although not really a high one (more of a “20’s family man” look I guess)
    I usually use layrite, or recently the Suavecito pomade.
    But here in sweden the layrite and suavecito cost about $20,65 a can, and the haircut I do every month is $55, plus an extra $20 for a trim two weeks later to keep everything neat.
    That amounts to… well a crapload of money.

    The tres flores waterbased pomade comes in a bigger can for less money, so that’s why I wanted to hear your thoughs on it.
    Too bad you heard it sucks. I guess I’ll have to keep on searching.

  3. LOVE your Blog! Thanks for the comment you left on mine. I’m glad to find something cool to read today, man, keep it up.

  4. Yeah. That’s the trouble with water based pomades like Layrite, Suavacito, and Grant’s. Their pricepoints are high as it is, here in the states. Let alone for those who live in another country who like to use their products.

    Have you considered using a petroleum based pomade? Everyone knows Murray’s and such, and most likely have tried that. But try checking out Dax Wave and Groom. It’s a lot lighter than Murray’s, meaning it washes out a whole lot easier. And it still has a pretty amazing hold.

    The benefit of these non washable pomades, is that you use a lot less pomade than you would a water based one. Saving you a whole lot of money. You can probably go through a can of Layrite within a month. With Dax, you’d probably have a good 2-3 months use out of one tin.

    It’s one pomade I’d definitely suggest. Maybe try doing a dry shampoo, before you hop in the shower, and it should cut the Dax out pretty damn well.

    Also, the makers of Cock Grease should be coming out with a washable pomade as well, within the next few months I believe. Maybe their price point will be a bit easier on the wallets, unlike some of the other brands.

  5. I have used a few petroleum based products before. Among them DAX (the blue can), and I recently picked up a few new ones: Black and white, nunile, Blue magic and murrays.

    BaW smells awesome but I find it’s pretty hard to work with. Same goes for murrrays, although I tend to use it on the sides to contol the beast that is my hair. (I’m half latino – straight crazythick hair that just doesn’t want to behave the way I want it to.)

    “Blue magic” had absolutely no hold. I guess it would be awesome for slickbacks and such, but I didn’t really work even for my modest pomp.
    I haven’t used the “red” DAX yet (I’m guessing that’s the one you refer to?), but maybe I should give it a try.

    I personally don’t really have that big of a problem with petroleum based pomades, and I really like the slick look they give the hair – but the wife isn’t all that thrilled with all the ruined pillowcases and stains all over the house.

    But, considering the amount of money one saves by going petrol, I might do it anyway.
    Maybe I can buy a couple of pillowcases and new wallpaper in the living room with the money I save from not using layrite.

    We’ll see…

    • Yes, I refer to the red Dax. The other Dax are either heavier or a whole lot heavier. This one seems to be the more modest of the bunch. It’s def. something everyone should try out. As I find it is an amazing alternative to Murray’s. (STILL LOVE YOU MURRAY’S SUPERIOR.)

      And it’s always a good way to think about how much money you’d save when switching pomades. I know my lady copes with my greasy end of the pillow. But then again… It’s my greasy end, I gotta deal with pomade face in the morning. I probably look like one of those women who use an over night mask.

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