Rebel Yell.

When Rock n’ Roll was kicking down the walls in the 50s, that was rebellious as it is. How do you rebel against that? How can you?

Even though his singing voice is pretty calm, this song was his rebel yell. Bobby Martin released a song, which title was going against rock n’ roll at the time. “I Ain’t Gonna Rock,” is pretty hard hitting, considering the height of rock n’ roll at the time. It was like punching rock n’ roll in the face!

The group was originally named Bobby Martin & The Tune Twisters. But that name didn’t last long. As they changed labels, the label added something that would contradict that whole song. Bobby Martin & The Rockin’ Tune Twisters. Pretty much punched that song in the face!

Either way, this song has been playing non-stop in my car. Definitely a great song. And definitely something to add to your playlist.

Bobby Martin & The Tune Twisters – I Ain’t Gonna Rock


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