As everyone knows, yesterday was Thanksgiving.

With certain events that’s happened in my household, we no longer ever celebrate Thanksgiving at home. Kind of sad. But, that’s how the cards are dealt. Now we head to my aunts house over in Antioch, which is too goddamn far. And you have to travel through the hood to get there.

Yes, I mean the hood. Usually, you deal with maybe a few blocks of hood. No, this shit was like a few miles radius of hood. I’m not one to get scared or shaken when I’m going through these places… But fuck, this shit was pretty fuckin gnarly!


As soon as we get there, I see that the table is full, no body has touched a single thing! Except for the spinach dip in the other room. The usual suspects were about;

Two Turkeys (well, it’s usually one, but my sister cooked one.)
Honey glazed ham
Mashed potatoes
Corn bread
Macaroni salad
Russian salad (I never touch this stuff. It’s fuckin pink.)

But this time around, they got turned towards a different direction! This time they also had sweet potatoes with home made marshmellows (NOT. MY. JAM,) crab (???) pancit for the Filipino-ness, and canned cranberry sauce. It was my first time trying it, EVER… Now, I understand the whole consistency, flavor and texture of it. But I won’t go out of my way to ask for it again, nor will I ever put it on my turkey! Sorry, just can’t do it.

I always have to say grace. Well, my version of grace. Last year, I gave the One Man Wolfpack speech from the Hangover. This year, I thought I’d spice it up a bit. Well, not really. I didn’t really want to give one this year, but hey, I usually do. So this time, I thought I’d say a little passage from the book of Ice Ice Baby.

Instead of taking pics of the food like people usually do. Instead, I took pictures of people taking pictures of food.

My cousin had a good shot of the food.

If you couldn’t tell by now… We are a very iPhone friendly family.

I have no idea what this is supposed to be. At first, I thought it was supposed to be an echidna. But there would’ve been some carvings to make it look like it had spikes. So I’m thinkin, an elongated nosed pig??? Either way, it’s funny looking.

The turkey my aunt had, had it’s ankles bound with some metal wire. My sisters turkey however, had it’s feet bound with it’s ass. What? This turkey just kicked it’s own ass!

My baby girl rockin’ out with a Rock Band guitar. I played the drums, and as soon as I started to get goin, she would start pressing my arms down, trying to drum her own rhythm. Making me only get 81%!

All in all, it was just another great Thanksgiving, spent with the ones you care about most.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well. Whether you spent it with friends, family, your pets, who ever it was. As long as you showed them that you are thankful for having them in your life.


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