Washing Out Pomade: Part 2

So, I’ve pretty much covered the bases about washing out pomade from your hair. But it’s a two way street. That pomade got into your hair some how, and as far as I know, we apply pomade with our hands. If you do it any other way… I’m not judgin’ ya.

Think it’s easy getting pomade out with just soap and water?

It’s not quite that easy!

Trying the same methods as washing pomade out from your hair, for my hands, doesn’t quite work as well. For the most part.

One major way I like to wash pomade out from my hair, is with a little bit of Olive Oil. It really cuts the pomade really well, but it leaves your hair with an oily coat. Same with your hands. Have you ever had olive oil in your hands? It’s a weird feeling. Even if it did cut the pomade from your hands well, you still have to deal with washing out the oil! Not worth the effort.

I wouldn’t wash my hands with Diet Coke. It’s just weird.

My method of choice, is using dish soap. A lot of dish soap is harsh, so choose wisely. I use Dawn because it’s soft on the hands! You don’t wanna dry out your hands, fellas! Your ladies won’t wanna hold your KFC feeling hands. I wash out with hot water. Not warm water, HOT. It just works better, trust me. Cold water won’t get your anywhere.

Even though that’s my main method of washing off pomade from my hands, it’s not entirely effective. You’ll have a bit of pomade left on your palms, especially in the crevices between your fingers and heel of your palm.

Not everyone changes diapers everyday, but this is something that a lot of people should have in their houses…

BABY WIPES. I know, it’ll seem weird at first buying baby wipes without having a baby to use them on. But trust me, you’ll find a lot of times where baby wipes will come in  handy. Spills on your shirts, eating take out, wiping dried ketchup from your chair, anything. I mean, hey… If it can clean up some #2, it sure as hell can clean up some pomade!

Pretty simple, nothing too crazy. I mean, it’s just pomade. But this is the most effective method I’ve found, to wash pomade off of your hands. Dish soap and baby wipes. Trust me, your hands will feel a lot cleaner, after greasin’ up.

Try it out. You’ll just have one more expense (baby wipes,) to deal with! Hey, it’ll save your water bill a bit!


12 responses to “Washing Out Pomade: Part 2

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  2. Jan
    I’m always amazed by people who don’t use dish soap (know in my country by it’s brand name “Fairy”) to remove the grease, I’ve been using it years with no problems, never tried baby wipes though but I’m happy with my dish soap. Keep up the good work.

    • Sean,

      A lot of people get worried with the whole “too harsh/make your hair fall out” folklore. I mean, the lore will come with ANY product you put on top of your head, but this one in particular will get the cold shoulder most often.

      I personally use Dawn and this stuff is used to take crude oil off of baby ducklings. Baby. Ducklings.

      If this stuff works for ducklings, how in the world will it be too harsh for human being??? BABY DUCKLINGS!

      – Jan

  3. hey man,
    your blog thing you got going here kicks ass and has given me some great info.Just to share to see if this is bull but I was told peanut butter kicks ass washing out pomade, but you have to wash your hair a couple times after so it doesnt smell like peanut butter.

    • Hey Tony,

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog, I appreciate it!

      First of all, the reason why peanut butter works for washing out pomade, is because of the oils. Nothing more, nothing less. People are hyped on using peanut butter, because it seems to be revolutionary to them. But, peanut butter has been used to remove shit, for decades! Whether it’s gum in your hair or clothes, to guacamole stains on your jeans, to bird shit. Of course, the process for removing gum from clothing with peanut butter, is different than pomade (putting the article of clothing in the freezer.)

      Trust me when I say, forget wasting peanut butter on washing out pomade. Stick to olive oil. It’s healthy for your hair, it’s not gonna cost you all that much, you won’t be using a lot of it, and it’s just better than smelling like a damn sandwich.

      – Jan

  4. hey man, this is like a year late but..
    i thought id share my findings as i love to experiment with different things.
    so for Dax Wave and Groom i use Baby oil, much nicer than the olive type and then just hand wash after – hands feel moisturised after as it soaks into skin, rather than sitting on top like olive oil tends to do…
    for something lighter like Short and neat i often use lemon juice as this also seems to cut right through just as good as dish soap…
    just my two pennies worth.
    sweet blog by the way – Good to see the passion for what you do.
    – Jai

  5. Hey Jan,

    I discovered a very effective way of removing pomade from my hands. I just wipe off excess pomade from my hands, rub in a lot of baby powder, then wash them with soap and water. Its very effective and you won’t even have to use harsh dishwashing soap on your hands.


  6. can you wash your hair out everyday with dish soap and olive oil?

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