The not so ‘Hot Topic.”

Whether it was punk rock, alternative, indy, anything… Hot Topic has been one to destroy the image of what we loved most. Exposing it to the moms-of-the-malls and offering the shirts in 3xs in mens. I know, the whole I-HATE-HOT-TOPIC is played out. But hey, it’s still hilarious.

The only times I’ve ever gone into Hot Topic as of late, has been to accompany my friends when they picked up replacement earrings and what not. Aside from my lady’s Lady Gaga shirt, that has been the only garment that has been purchased there. Even then, I’m still not a fan of Lady Gaga, and do not endorse her gimmick one bit.

This last trip to Hot Topic, yielded some garments of interest! Well, not really. A familiar name and face plastered on a couple of shirts caught my eye. And I just knew exactly what they were, before I even stepped close to the store front.

What could it possibly be???


The King and the Man In Black.

I think they found it to be ironic to  have 70s Elvis’ mug shot on a tee shirt. And of course, “MAN IN BLACK,” with a Bald Eagle, for Mr. Cash.

The placement, is what is key here, folks. If they didn’t have Presley and Cash next to/above one another, it wouldn’t make sense! People wouldn’t know that their music was ‘cool again!’ If they were a t-shirt or two apart, it just wouldn’t grab the attention of the passerby’s.

Of course, KISS, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, and Nirvana are the same! They didn’t want to get the genre mixed up with some I Wrestled A Bear Once or 30 Seconds To Mars shirts! That wouldn’t be hip!

The only thing that puts a smile on my face, when I walk into Hot Topic, is seeing Jawbreaker’s, Unfun album with the cat on the cover. I’m not a cat guy, but boy do I love that album!


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