Shopping For Clothes.

Sorry folks, this isn’t a post about finding the coolest vintage-greaser gear.

As I was covering a shift today, one of the newer local bums came into the shop. And if you guys haven’t looked outside, it’s raining cats and dogs. Unlike the other ones around here, he didn’t come in with a bad attitude or anything. What I, (and what most would have automatically thought,) was that he was gonna ask for the bathroom key or some spare change. Which isn’t out of the norm.

Instead, he asked me what shoes I had in a 9.5, that were black. He even insisted if they weren’t black, it would be fine. But like all of us, if we can get the color we prefer, we’d rather get it instead. Then he went on to find a shirt on the sale rack.

I asked him how much he had on him. He laid out $60 on the counter, and told me that he had a little extra cash for the stuff.

I understood what he was doing. Which most of us do as a luxury, he was buying stuff as a necessity.

Worn shirts, lose their thickness, making it easier to get cold. Worn in shoes with holes in the soles, get your socks soaked up in the rain. He spent money on the things he needed to survive this winter, and I respected that.

He gave up $60 of his money for food, just to stay warm. Unlike the most of us, who stay warm under a roof and blanket, he has to stay warm by the clothes on his back.

If myself personally losing $20, helps one person sleep better and warmer at night, I don’t mind it one bit. He wasn’t buying crack rocks or booze, he was buying himself the things he needed to endure this winters rain and cold.


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