Pompadour, Quiff, Psycho Pomp, Rockabilly Pomp. What’s The Difference?

This is how I see it.

Say it with me… POMPADOUR. Pompadour… How does that sound? It sounds full. POMPOUS. Yes, I know the term comes from Madame de Pompadour.

No say QUIFF… Quiff… It sounds like a word everyone else is familiar with, which is very airy. It sounds light and fluffy.

These are the two hairstyles that I think, people get confused with.

In Europe, they use the term quiff, rather than pompadour. And if you look at the early 80s-90s rockabilly heads in Euroland, their hair wasn’t looking like a full pompadour. It was light and wispy. For instance…



How does his hair look? Where is he from? See what I mean.

Now, in America, we more often use the term pompadour, than quiff. The hair is full, not airy, and just looks big. And not big in the sense of height and width. But MASS. Who better to show an American pompadour, than Elvis!

It's Elvis!

See his hair? It’s full. Pompous. POMPADOUR!

Ya’ll see what I’m getting at?

Now, the other two, rockabilly and psychobilly pomps/quiffs, are just the interpretation of the two main styles. Therefore, they can have whatever  name they want.

Rockabilly Pomp.

Psychobilly Pomp

As it would seem, the psychobilly pomp is just a taller, colorful version of the rockabilly pomp. With the sides and back shaved, of course.

Well, there you have it folks. For those confused about what hairstyle is which, and cannot find a definitive answer. I just made one. It’s not law, but that’s how I see these hairstyles. It only makes sense and fitting.

Hell, you can name your hair whatever you want. Dumbledore or big fluffy hairstyle. As long as you’re styling it up with some good ol’ pomade, that’s all that really matters.

Well, I’m about to head out to Rockabilly Fridays over at the Retox Lounge in SF.

So until next time.

Pompadour, Quiff, Pyschobilly, Rockabilly – Pomp Hard.


2 responses to “Pompadour, Quiff, Psycho Pomp, Rockabilly Pomp. What’s The Difference?

  1. Fun post! Yes, people do get these terms confused. The same with rockabilly and greaser. Do you want to tackle that one for me?

    Keep up the great posts!


    • Hey Dollie, thanks for swingin’ by!

      After last night, it’s DEFINITELY a topic I need to tackle.

      Thanks for the kind words! Hope to catch you at one of these events, in the future.

      – Jan

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