Happy Days

Nope, I’m not giving in to The Fonz…

My lady brought over her mothers high school year books. They’re from ’63-’66. A little later than what I’d like to look through, but still cool enough. Seeing all of the “wet” hairstyles on the guys, to the giant beehives on the gals. Some of their hair didn’t even fit in the picture! I haven’t taken the time to look through each yearbook yet, but so far, I’ve found a few hairstyles worth posting. And for those “Ivy Style” guys, I’ll show some flicks that puts your style to shame.
It’s funny to see the “clubs” the schools used to have. If my high school had a bicycle club, I’d probably ride away from the school. Then again, I wasn’t there that much, in the first place.

Look at these covers!

I’m jealous of these yearbooks. They’re thick (giggidy,) sturdy, full of pages, have badass covers, and are just everything the yearbooks of today, aren’t. The quality on these are amazing.

Look at all these happy kids!

Look at all of that hair on the ladies!

It’s kind of funny to think… These folk, on the day they took their senior year, yearbook photos, were on the verge of adulthood. 50 some odd years later, they’re more than well into adulthood, and now have people geeking over their style and hair.

I’ll be taking pics through out the next few months. Being Ms. Popular, the pages are FILLED with yearbook signings. And not just signings, paragraphs! One of her pages is like my high school years worth of yearbook signings.


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